Chapter 25

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"Here we are!" Link announced.

Buddar stared at the small river that flowed into a dark cave, an emotionless expression on her face. "Um... Link?" She asked.

Link glanced over his shoulder at her. "Yes?" He asked.

She looked up at him. "Are you sure this is the realm of the Zoras?" She asked, raising an eyebrow slightly.

Link chuckled slightly. "Oh, this isn't." He said. "This is just the entry."

And with that, he dove into the water. He surfaced a few moments later. "Come on!" He said to the rest of the group. "we have to swim to get there."

Shadow and Navy jumped into the water. Buddar was about to dive in after them, but she stopped. She stood at the very edge of the water, which rushed past at a somewhat fast pace. Her heart pounded at the thought of plunging into the rushing river, and her breathing became quick and shallow. She yelped as something surfaced, making her jump back. But she sighed in relief as she realized it was only Link. He got out of the water, his green tunic clung to his slim, yet muscular, figure. He gave her a concerned look. "Buddar, is something wrong?" He asked. "Why didn't you follow us?"

Buddar glanced over at the river, then shivered. Link followed her gaze, his ocean blue eyes softened as he looked back at her. "You can't swim, can you?" He asked.

Buddar looked down at the ground. "No..." She mumbled, her cheeks hot with shame. "Nobody ever taught me."

She looked up as she felt Link's strong arms embrace her. "Then let me carry you." He whispered, his warm breath tickling her pointed ears.

He let go of her and kneeled down. Buddar climbed onto his back and wrapped her arms around his torso so she wouldn't fall off. Link stood up and carefully climbed into the river. Buddar shivered as she felt the cold water on her legs. "Hold on!" Link warned.

Buddar quickly took a deep breath, then Link dove under the water. The water was icy cold, and she had to refrain herself from letting go of Link and trying to swim up to the surface. The moonlight suddenly disappeared as Link swam into the cavern. Buddar's lungs began to burn with the need for air. She tugged on Link's tunic, telling him to hurry. He understood and began swimming as fast as he could. Buddar's heart pounded against her chest in fear. I'm going to drown! She thought, struggling not to panic.

Just as her vision started to go black, they surfaced. Buddar gasped, letting the cool air fill her lungs. She coughed a few times, then looked up, still breathing heavily. Her eyes widened in awe, they were in a beautiful cave filled with gleaming pools of water. Silver fish swam through the pools, and at the back of the cave was a gorgeous waterfall.

But Buddar's awe soon faded as she noticed the five figures surrounding them. They had sparkling blue scales and fins, and violet eyes. Each one of them held a spear in their webbed hands.

And they were aimed towards Buddar and Link.

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