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Alessia pov

After hugging lijah really tight, or that's what I thought, he asked me how I was doing.

"I am fine now but I was missing all of you" I said pouting.

"Aww but see I am here now." He said.

"Bubby" I squealed as soon as I saw him.

I dashed up to him and hugged him tightly.

He chuckled and wrapped his arms around me.

"How are you feeling baby" He asked me.

"I am fine" I said to him with a smile and pulling out of the hug.

I tugged at his sleeve and gestured him to bend down.

He bent down upto my height.

"You know I got a weird dream" I said in his ear giggling.

"And.... what was it missy" He asked trying to be stern.

"And....why should I tell you that" I said copying his tone.

He raised his eyebrows at me while I giggled and everyone around us laughed.

After that I hugged everyone and they kissed my head and wished me good morning.

Xander is not here and now I am feeling guilty.

What if that girl was her girlfriend and they broke up because of me.

I decided to keep all my negative thoughts aside.

"So baby let's have breakfast and then I have a gift for you" Bubby told me.

(A/n ; okay so I know that in the previous chapter I wrote about dinner. Well change of plan. This is the next morning from when everyone got to know what happened with xandyy and eli rushed to wake lessie up. Their friends already left at night because of what happened to lessie)

"What is it what is it" I asked excitedly jumping up and down like a child on Christmas.

He chuckled and asked

"Well will it be a surprise then"

"No" I mumbled sheepishly.

Grandpa clapped to get everyone's attention.

"Okay so now princess you go and get ready for the day. " Grandpa told to me sweetly and the continued

"And all those disgusting pigs whom I call grandsons haven't showered yet have a goddamn shower. You all stink."

There were a round of protests but everyone left grumbling about how unfair grandpa is.

I soon took a shower and got ready for my day.

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