Niall Horan Cute Imagine

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IMAGINE: you and Niall are at your flat hanging out. You're both wearing onesie's when you decide to grab some Starbucks. You slip on a pair of Supras that Niall bought you for your birthday, so that way, both of you were matching. As you were walking to Starbucks, a fan sees you and asks for a picture. You decided to step back so the fan and Niall can take a picture. The fan says, "hey, (Y/N), get in the picture! I have a blog dedicated to you, too!" You blush because the fans actually like you. After taking the picture and graving Starbucks, you and Niall go back home. Niall seems tired, but it was only 1:00 in the afternoon. You tell him, "let's take nap" Niall smiles at the suggestion. He wanted to be cute so he grabbed lots of blankets and pillows to make your bedroom a fort. He chose your bedroom since it had twinkly lights around it and it made it look like a "fairy room", as Niall likes to call it. After putting up the fort, you cuddle with Niall, you rest your head on his chest so you can hear his heartbeat. "You hear that, (Y/N)?" "Yeah" "Well let's just say that it beats for you" you blush at what he said and finally drift to a peaceful nap.

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