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Harmony's p.o.v|

I was cooking in the kitchen, when I hear the sound of wild children coming down the stairs. I stop what I'm doing almost immediately. I look to see my two kids running into the kitchen. It was Layla and my middle child, Jack.

"Is breakfast ready?" Layla asks me.

"Yes honey."

I place a plate in front of her and I do the same with my son.

"Have you seen your dad?" I ask the kids.

"He's upstairs," Jack says with a smile on his face.

I hear the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs once again. I turn to see, Luke. He was holding our 2 month old baby girl in his arms. I smile at him, admiring his every movement.

"How's my little one?" Luke walks over to me.

"I'm good."

He places a kiss on my lips.

"How are you guys?" He sits down at the kitchen table, looking over at Layla and Jack.

"Good," Layla said.

She looks like the female version of Luke, it was quite scary. She looks like him in the face and she has his blue eyes. The only thing is she has my color hair. Jack also looks like his father. He had his blonde hair spiked up and big blue eyes. They were both so cute. Then there was our baby girl, Cassidy. She looks just like me. She has my eyes and my hair color. But she definitely has Luke's nose. She scrunches it up just like him.

Quinn and Calum are now married. She's expecting her little one in June. Also, Elisa and Michael have been dating for 5 months now. Who knew right? I mean I guess I can see it. They both have matching colored hair. Stacey has started dating this really nice guy, I'm so happy for her. Erica is happily married, she also has a child. Sophia and Liam are married with two kids, so are Perrie and Zayn. Louis and Eleanor are making plans to get married soon. I will definitely be at the wedding. Niall and Harry are still looking for their soul mates. Our as Niall likes to say...his princess. Rose is dating a really good guy named, David. I have met him many times before. They are the absolute perfect couple. Alexis is still looking for that one perfect guy. I think Harry might actually be the one for her. They flirt like non stop and it disgusts us all. But they would actually be cute together. Ashton is dating a girl named, Ashley. She's basically Ashton, except female. I love her so much though, we have grown really close.

I'm so happy to have my little family. I have grown to love everyone so much, over the past couple of years. I wouldn't change anything for the world.

(And this was the epilogue. I hope you guys liked it. Love you guys so much! There will be another fanfiction coming very soon! I can promise you all that!)

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