Ch. 73

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Luke's p.o.v|

(One day later)

Today, we are flying back to California from Paris. It has been a really long week. We had a fun time though.

"Harmony?" I try to wake her up.

Her head was leaning on my shoulder. I could hear the sound of her soft breaths. She starts to stir and wakes up. She looks at me with her big beautiful eyes.

"Hi," she whispers.

"We're going to be landing soon," I say to her.

"Okay," she yawned.

Once we land, we grab our bags and get off the plane. We go into the airport. I find my three best friends waiting for us. Harmony and I walk over to them.

"I missed you!" Calum runs over and hugs me. I try not to laugh at him.

"I missed you guys too!"

Michael and Ashton run over and practically tackle, Harmony. She laughs in response and hugs them both back. I smile at them slightly. I was happy to see my mates again.

"Don't you ever take him away from us again!" Cal yells jokingly at Harmony.

"Sorry boys," she replied.

"Come here!" Cal tells her.

She walks over to him and he hugs her tightly. She wraps her arms around him, hugging him securely.

"I missed you, Harmony!" He shouts loudly.

"What happened to me stealing, Luke away from you? She laughs at Calum.

Calum just shrugged.

We walk out to the car waiting for us. We drive back to the house. Instead of, Harmony and I going home, we go to the 5SOS house.

Harmony's p.o.v|

"I missed you girls!" I shout, running up to them.

Quinn, Rose, Alexis, Erica, Elisa, and Stacey all come running in to hug me. I hug them back. My face was now filled with signs of happiness.

"We missed you too!" Rose said.

I smile at at my best friends. I really did miss them a lot. I can't wait to catch up with them. But first I have to see someone else...

I see my mom and walk over to her.

"Hey sweetheart," she greets me.

"I missed you, mom."

She smiles at me. I look at baby, Layla who was in her arms. She was reaching out for me. I take her out of her grandma's arms and carry her. She places her small hand on my shoulder.

"How's my little angel?" I smile at her.

She giggles in response. She looks over at, Luke, who was now in conversation with, Ashton. She reaches out kicks her legs.

"You want your daddy?" I ask Layla.

She squealed.

"Luke, she wants you."

He takes her from me. She starts playing with her father's hair, like she always does. Luke smiles at her. I admire my husband and daughter, smiling at them both now.

"She really loves you," I tell him.

"I love her too and I love you," he tells me.

He leans in to kiss me. I look over at, Layla. Her face was now scrunched up in disgust. Michael walks over to us.

"That was my reaction to, don't worry little one," Mikey says to Layla.

She claps her hands in response. I shake my head at my daughter. She looks up at her dad again. She takes his cheeks in her hands and squeezes them. Luke laughs loudly at her.

"She's so adorable," I giggled.

"That's because she's ours," Luke replied.

I laugh at his comment.

"D...." Layla says quietly.

"What was that baby girl?" Luke questions our daughter.

"Da..." She tries to say again.

"Huh?" I was very confused now.

"Dada!" She squealed.

I look at her in shock. Did she just say her first words?

"Guess that I'm her favorite," Luke smirks at me.

"Shut up, Luke."

I hit him on the the shoulder, making Layla laugh instantly. I smile at her, knowing she has some parts of me in her personality. She also has a lot of Luke's traits already too.

"Say it again, Layla. Say dada!" Luke urges on our daughter.

"Dada!" She says again.

"Awww she's so cute!" I smiled.


We're not back home. Luke and I settle back into our own house. We have been away for almost a week. I'm just glad to be back here. I'm happy to see all of our friends and family again. I'm especially happy to see our daughter again.

I place her down in her crib carefully. She cuddles up in her small pink blanket. I smile down at her adoringly. I go downstairs to see, Luke standing in the kitchen.

"She's asleep?" He asks me.

"Not yet," I replied.

"Okay," he says.

Luke's p.o.v|

Harmony and I go upstairs to our bedroom, that we share together.
I decide to go and take a shower. I walk into the bathroom, leaving her to do her own things. I get in the shower and wash my body.

Harmony's p.o.v|

I take my diary out from my dresser. I start writing a new entry in it.

Dear diary,

Luke and I have been dating for more than year. Now, we're a happy married couple. We have our beautiful daughter, who is now 10 months old. We are now sharing a life together. If you think about it, that's the most beautiful thing in the world.
The truth is....happiness is being married to your best friend. That is just what I did. I married my best friend in the entire world. I don't know what I would do without, Luke. He always had my back and he protects me. When I'm in his arms, I feel like it's just the two of us. Nothing else matters to me anymore, when I'm with him.
He's truly amazing. He's the most generous and caring person I've ever met.
I love him with all my heart.
This is just the start to another chapter of our beautiful love story.

The End

(I hope you guys enjoyed this story. I really loved writing this. I will not be writing a sequel because it would just be dragging the fanfiction on. I will be writing many other fanfics though. Love you all!)

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