full of hope for now

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As I walked up the stairs of what sister jude called her stairway to heaven I saw the first glimpse of hell but I kept on walking. I knew that the only thing stopping me from getting the big scoop that would set me free from the cooking column was my fear of what I would see next, but I kept walking none the less. I would just have to put my fears aside and do what I've always done work towards what I wanted what I felt I needed what I craved. So I walked up the staircase behind the innocence well temporary innocence that was ozzing off the nun leading me to my on coming doom. We came to a wooden door sister Mary unice opened the door and I saw for the first time the room where I would endore  much torture but for the time being I was just this empty vessel that was full of hope

Hey people so shout out to @lanawinters33
She's awesome she has a story about bloody face she loves AHS so go check her out.

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