Chapter 16

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"Is this her?" Ken's mom, Laura, walked out from the sea of people. Ken looked petrified, and I remembered that his mom didn't like me so much as I distracted her son from studying or whatever the reason.

"Mom, Please." Ken said. I didn't know exactly what he meant but I thought i had better keep my mouth shut.

"Ken, I told you she's no good." Laura hissed. And I felt so so so horrible. I was so ashamed of the crowd. I gripped Ken's arm so tight he flinched.

"Mom. Not here." Ken said with a more serious tone.

"Look at her. She's ridiculous. What do u-"

"MOM! That's not nice. please stop." he looked hurt and embarrassed. I didn't want to put him in this situation so I dunked farther back into the crowd.

But his mom pressed on "Ken, you have to listen to me. This is for your own good. She's not worth it. She looks like a slut." Ken shut his eyes. I stepped forward at the last comment but Ken grabbed me back and gave me a hurt look. I would bear this for Ken.

"You can't let her drag you down. Stop this teenage love things because you know we are moving next month anyway." Laura said.

"You are moving?" My voice cracked. I didn't even remember started crying. What was this? It was not possible? Moving?

"Yes Kris. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I haven't tell you." Ken said avoiding my gaze.

"You are moving? In a month? To where?" I couldn't help the tears. It didn't make sense. We were fine. And he was moving?

"Atlanta." He whispered.

"Atlanta? Why? Please explain, Ken. Why?" I was crying so hard. Ken wiped the tears from my face.

"Come on Ken." Laura said. She didn't have the right to speak. This was between me and Ken. I wished she would go away and leave us alone. I didn't care if she was Ken's mom. I almost snapped back at her but Ken said "please don't make it more complicated than it really is". And I felt like the biggest jerk in the world. I felt shame. I wanted to get out of here. So I walked away. Ken didn't even follow me or call after me. And I didn't know how it happened. What just happened? I cried. I was tired of crying. I still haven't get the explanation. But he didn't even follow. I was so done. Why didn't he follow? The thoughts brought me nothing but pain and tears. Why why why? Everything was perfect. Last time he asked for time. I gave him. But it didn't look like the problems was solved. The shame lingered in my bone and my soul. 'she's a slut' 'she's not worth it' 'we are moving' I wanted to jump off a bridge.

Pain. Hurt. Pain. Hurt.

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