Her Blood Will Be Mine

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Valerie's POV
I couldn't believe my ears when that old letch Fabian North let it slip during a drunken rant. It had been some weeks since he passed me that girl to sell as part of our trade. It was a simple trade, a pretty little virgin she-wolf for my Auction for some magic to magnify his compulsion across an entire pack. I figured he was selling her on to punish someone who had disrespected him. I was livid when he told me that she was a white wolf, and not only that, she was the "true white wolf".

Sitting listening to him, I was furious to the point where my claws had extended and my palms were bleeding within my balled fists as he spoke. I raised an eyebrow and if he hadn't been drunk he would have no doubt picked up on the sudden chill in the air. He thought it was all a great amusement that he had passed her off "as another little tart" and he chuckled to himself as he mused on her "getting gang raped by a bunch of hungry warriors".

Whether she had or had not by this stage been gang raped into the next millennium didn't fizz on me in the slightest. She had been bought by that notorious brute of an Alpha, I thought it unlikely that her virginity would've remained intact beyond the evening she left here. I truly couldn't care less for background information on the girls I sold at my auctions... it was lucrative and all I cared about was keeping the cash flowing and extending my influence within the supernatural world.

I flexed my hands under the table, seething with rage at this incompetent drunk in front of me. I had ambitions far beyond where I was now and before the decade had passed I planned on having North America bowing at my feet. This girl could give me just the leg up I needed to progress with my plans.

Being born a wolf and a witch I was well placed to make alliances throughout the various packs and covens of North America. Some alliances were made through trade of girls and illicit goods, some alliances were bought, many allies cowered to me in fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Having people in your life that you were emotionally connected to was simply a liability. It made you weak and pathetic. I had long since dispensed with my Warlock "Mate"... I shuddered with disgust. I had allowed him to fuck me and when I had had my fill I drained his blood, taking his magic and leaving his emaciated body behind me without a backward glance. I smirked thinking of the surge of power I had experienced after marking him and taking all his blood.

I even had a few vampires and lycans as customers and as allies for when it came to a war... the occasional vampire would commission me to find them a sweet young human for them to play with... and I didn't mind the job, so long as the price was right. Hell, I'd kill my own mother for a little extra power - chuckling as I remembered back to my fourteenth birthday... that's right I already did.

I had no time for humans atall... they were inferior, weak and filthy. They had their limited uses but they had far too much influence - the idea that Our world should be kept Hidden from them made me sick. How dare the Werewolf Council dictate how I should live My life??? In time the humans would be culled with some kept for menial roles working under supernaturals, as fuck toys for the supernaturals who desired them and to work the land. They needed to learn their place. I was the one to show them it. I would bring them to their knees, in more ways than one.

Regarding the girl, to have let such a priceless commodity slip through my fingers was immensely upsetting. To have possessed a true White Wolf. And a young untouched one at that. I clenched my fists again and purple sparks flew out of them momentarily before I calmed myself.

Fabian and I had been in a meeting as he wanted a new girltoy from me to satisfy his perverse desires. He wanted a girl who Looked like the girl he had traded to me. But wasn't her - she was apparently "too much trouble". Blonde hair, blue eyes... a virgin. A she-wolf as a human wouldn't survive long with what he had planned for her. He was currently babbling about looking forward to filling "every hole in the little slut's body" blah blah blah... I zoned out.

I had been surprised to learn he had been unable to compel the girl.

"What was preventing you from compelling that sweet young thing into doing all your sexual bidding, eh Fabian?" I had asked him, trying to not show much real interest. He had an ego the size of a cargo ship and I always found it worked well to pander to men's egos, at least when wanting to manipulate them... And I was always wanting to manipulate them. "I thought your powers over the mind were 'beyond mortal understanding'?"

I quoted back at him what he had once said to me, offering up my most saccharine smile. It seemed to be true that he had an uncanny gift for making those around him bend to his will. He had had the sense to never try to compel me. If he tried that one I would snap him like a twig. I wasn't immune to mental infiltration unfortunately but I had a handy knack for seeing it coming, the eyes always gave intentions away.

"Ah that little bitch. She was my niece, sweet little Leoni. Beautiful but obstinate. She refused to complete the mating process with me... I needed to bend her to my will so that I could mark her and she would mark me in return - the power I would've gained from her!! Then I could've forced her to have my pup and killed her. But she fought my compulsion and wouldn't listen when I tried to woo her. Little spoilt bitch. It was the White Wolf in her. My powers don't work on other white wolves... and she's the purest there is. A direct descendant from the Goddess herself, a true Royal. The only one in existence. I am a White Wolf too, of course, but only one wolf per generation is the 'True White'..." he said slurring his words as he ranted... "my Dearest brother Darwin was the first born, and therefore he was the "True White" of my generation... my powers were always less than his... until I killed him that is. And then I got his daughter sold as a sex slave to the highest bidder..."

With that he burst into a raucous laugh and I laughed along. He really was insane. And ultimately a fool... to give Me this prized information...

I left him in the bar to his whiskey and blew a hole through a wall outside. My magic's purple sparks flying around me unbidden. I was beyond Furious. To have such power in my grasp... to think of the spells I could accomplish with her blood... I smiled a crooked smile as I walked into the night. I would drain her of her power and I would be unstoppable. I might even have a little fun with that sweet little body of hers first... I enjoyed having others entirely at my mercy... that's if she wasn't stinking of that Alpha's semen...

The problem I had now was that the girl, 'Leoni'... was with the Midnight Moon Pack and judging by Alpha Logan's reaction to her at the auction he was probably her mate. He was known to be a cold and ruthless Alpha, never one to back down in dealings with other packs. He also had a strong pack with good defences. It would be difficult enough to take the girl. What I would need was inside information... and an opportunity. An opportunity to take her. I knew once I had her I could subdue her and do what I needed... my magic had worked on her before and it would again. She was just a flimsy little girl but she was the key to unlocking more power than I had ever imagined.

"Her blood will be mine." I thought coldly.

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