Ch. 72

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Harmony's p.o.v|

Luke and I get out of the car. We walk back towards the hotel, after a long day. Three security guards were following close behind us. I suddenly hear the sound of a few girls calling for, Luke. I turn back around to see what was going on. I see four girls talking to the security guards. Well, more like arguing with them about something. I decide to go and see what's going on for myself.

"Excuse me?" I say loudly.

The security turns to look at me.

"What's the problem here?" I ask them.

"We just want to meet him," one girl said.

I nod my head.

"Just let the girls meet, Luke."

"Not tonight girls, we're sorry." The security were being real assholes, if you ask me.

"We but their music and we don't have to do that!" One of the fans shout at them.

"We don't tell you to buy their songs!" A guard shouts at the girl.

This was getting out of hand.

"Stop it! Why can't they meet him?" I ask the security, trying to stay calm.

"Because it's late and Luke needs some rest," one man said.


I start walking away and into the hotel.
Luke grabs my hand tightly in his.

"Please come out, Luke!" I hear one girl shout.

"We just want one picture!" Another one of the fans pleaded.

I felt so bad for them. They waited for probably hours to see him.

"Please!" Another girl begged.

"Be quiet girls. He's not coming out!" One of the guys yell at them.

I roll my eyes at them. Luke tries to come out to meet the four girls, but security gets in his way.

"Go inside, Luke." The man gives him a very stern look.

He tries to make his way out again. They stop him once again.

"Now!" The man repeats himself again.

Luke sighs and walks back inside the lobby. We go into the elevator and ride it up to our room. We walk down the hall. Luke reaches to unlock the door. We go inside our hotel room.

I throw my bag on the floor. I go into the bedroom and change into my pajamas. I hear footsteps coming down the hallway. Luke walks into the bedroom, joining me now.

"Are you alright?" He asks me.

"It's just so wrong," I said.

"I know but what can u do about it, Harmony?"

"There's actually a lot of things you can do it. For example, fire them."

"It's not up to me thought. It's up to my management team." Luke explains to me, making me frown.

"I can't believe how they treat those poor girls!" I say to him.

"I know," he was now the one frowning.

"I just want to forget about it now."

"Me too," he replied.

"Let's just go to bed."

"Okay," he said.

We go to sleep.

(The next morning)

"Good morning angel." I hear Luke's voice whisper in my ear.

"Morning." I turn away from him and reach for my phone on the nightstand. I look to see if I have any messages, but I don't.

"Babe?" He questioned.

"Yes?" I turn back to face him.

He places a kiss on my forehead. He pulls me more into him.

"I love you," he says to me.

"I just remembered something," I tell him.

"What?" He asked.

"I'm still mad at you," I smirked.

"Oh god," he groaned.

I move away from him. I lay down more on my side of the bed. He moves closer to me, shoving his face into my neck.

"Baby," he groans in his sexy morning voice.

"Leave me alone please, Luke."

"No," he says sadly.

"Just please go," I reply.

"But I love you," he whispered.

I sigh, knowing that he's not gonna go away. I turn over to look him in the eyes. He attempts to kiss me but I stop him.

"You can't always fix things by kissing me, Luke."

"That's not what I was trying to do," he replied.

I nodded.

"Please forgive me. There was just nothing I could do." He pouts at me, giving me a pleading look.

I frowned.

He leans in to kiss me, this time he succeeds. I couldn't help but kiss back.

"Fine," I sighed.

"Thank you little one," he smiles happily.

I lean in to kiss him once more. He gladly kisses me back. This time the kiss was much longer than the last. We pull away from each other, now breathing heavily. Our foreheads and noses were now touching, since we were face to face. I place a small kiss on his nose. His face scrunches up cutely in response.

"Get up now," I told him.

I get out of bed to get ready for another long day.

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