Chapter 4

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|~Jade's POV~|
As soon as we got back from the Weevil case, Jack carried me to my room and set me down on my bed. I turned over, expecting him to leave, but instead he spoke.
"Jade, I think we need to talk. You're not telling me everything," he spoke softly, as he knew I was in pain and shock.
"I've already told you everything important," I whined, "so let me be to sleep for now. If I remember anything when I wake up, I'll come straight to you."
I heard him sigh, but then he left. It wasn't long before I was asleep.


When I woke up, Tosh was in my room. She was hanging up my laundry, which had needed to be done. I didn't expect anyone else to do my laundry for me, though. I was in Torchwood for the love of Pete. I could take care of myself.
Tosh heard me moving and turned around to see me awake.
There were no words, she just walked over and hugged me. One of those hugs you can't really breathe in, but you don't want to say anything to ruin the moment.
Tosh had become like a sister to me. I would go to her for advice, and she would come to me. We would laugh over stupid things no one else had the time to notice. We kept each other same.
I felt her pull away from the hug and grab my hands. There were tears in her eyes, and she was smiling to the point that it looked painful.
"You had me so worried," she whispered.
"I wouldn't ever leave you, and you know that fully well," I laughed.
She got up and left, probably to tell Owen that I was awake.
I hated medical procedures, whether it be surgery, going to the doctor's, or just putting on a damned bandage. I could kill things from different worlds, but I couldn't watch someone fall off their bike.
I heard knocking on my door, and got up to answer it. However, the moment I stood up, pain rushed through my leg, and I fell back down. My door opened, and Owen came in, with his "Medical Stuff-Case" as he called it.
Oh joy. For the next hour and a half or so, I would be in the hands of Doctor Owen Harper.

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