Chapter 3

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|~Gwen's POV~|
We were back from the Weevil case, and Jack was carrying Jade. The whole time there and back, they had been indirecting at each other. Now that I think about it, it had been going on for as long as she's been here at Torchwood.
It wasn't always flirting. Sometimes it was them just trying to have a laugh. Jade would do something, and Jack would say how annoying or stupid whatever she just did was. It would've been cute to me, if I didn't hate her with every fiber of my being.
I know I said I didn't 'mind her', but I was just trying to make myself believe it more than anything. She took my place at Jack's side. Whenever we had a job to do, I was treated as an intern, and Jade was treated as someone who was there longer than Jack.
I knew I had to do something. Either to find out about Jade's past, or get in the way of her future.

|~Jack's POV~|
There was something about her. I felt like I knew her from somewhere, I just couldn't remember...
And I knew she was like me, too. Couldn't die, I mean. She told me about her past, and Weevils don't just leave people alive that they so clearly notice. Unless they sense something different. Something odd. Something that calls them off, in a way; the law of the land or something to that effect.
I know because it happened to me once. My brother had a wife, and a child. Until one day he lost it. He tried to kill his wife, and then when he failed, ran away. The only thing he didn't know, was that son was mine. I had made a mistake. I slept with his wife, and turns out his child was mine. She named him Skye. That was such a beautiful name for such a terrible life...
She wrote to me sometimes about him. For about nine years, until it just stopped. I got curious, and did a little research. A Weevil had come and killed them both. It dragged Skye to a neighboring house, and killed a couple. I heard they had a daughter, too. I had no idea what happened to her, but I had my suspicions. I had a feeling Jade wasn't telling me everything about her past.

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