Perfect Porcelain

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After the departure of our members, we all returned back to the cell block. The small whimpers from the baby could be heard as she was cradled by Carol.

“Hey, Chelsea?” Carol called, looking up from the infant. “Could you make her a bottle? I think she’s hungry.”

I nodded and made my way over to our make shift kitchen and pulled out a bottle. I stopped in my tracks, eyes wide like a deer in headlights. I don’t know how to make a bottle. I silently cursed myself for not taking notes from that child class I took in high school or from Dad when he used to make bottles for Riley before he went crazy. Movement from my right caught my attention and I turned to see Beth walking towards me with a smile.

“Do you need help?” She asked quietly.

A blush of embarrassment crept up my neck and across my face as I nodded and looked at the ground. “Yeah, thanks,” I mumbled as the younger Greene took the bottle from my hands and started filling it with formula and then water. “How do you know how to do that?” I asked, scared it was some sort of instinct that I didn’t have, though I don’t know why it frightened me so much. It’s not like I’m planning on having any kids. Not in this fucked up world.

“I used to babysit a lot. Gave me a lot of practice.” She said as she finished and handed the bottle back to me.

“Oh,” was all I could say as I took the bottle from her. “Thanks again, Beth,” I smiled and walked back towards Carol and the baby as her cries became louder. “Here ya go, Carol,” I said sitting next to the older woman and handing her the bottle.

“Actually, Chelsea, do you mind feeding her? I need to go speak with Hershel.”

“Um, o-okay,” I stuttered as she handed over the crying baby.

Once the girl was in my arms, Carol hurriedly pick the bottle up off the table and placed it in her mouth. Her cries instantly died down as she suckled the bottle eagerly. I smiled down at the little girl and began to relax. It’d been about awhile since I’ve held a baby. Let’s see, how old is Riley? Cause he was the last baby I held. I carefully moved my arm out from underneath her and gently stroked her soft hair, amazed she had so much hair.

The bench creaked as Riley sat next me, watching the baby greedily drink. “I remember you were bald when you were born,” I spoke quietly to my younger brother, a smile on my face as I stared at the girl. I heard Riley chuckle beside me, his eyes not leaving the little girl. “It’d be so much easier if she had a name,” I mumbled to myself.

“Her name’s Judith, but Daryl named her little ass-kicker,” Riley replied.

I snorted, unable to contain my laughter at the thought. “Of course he did. What else would he have named her?”

Silence settled between us as we continued to stare down at the small infant, who had reached out to grab hold of my finger. “Can you sing something, Chelsea?” I was startled by the request and looked over at my brother. I really looked at him. His hair was longer than before, because he wouldn’t let me cut it. His skin was darker, a trait I had always been jealous of as I could only burn. His eyes are what struck me the most. They seemed older, like he wasn’t a young teenager anymore. I hated that he had to grow up so fast. It was something that I had tried to make sure didn’t happen to him, but it did anyway. I nodded, unable to tell him no and looked down at the small fingers wrapped around my one and thought of what to sing. A song instantly came to my mind and I quietly began to sing, my voice growing louder as I continued.

You thought by now
You'd have it figured out
You can't erase the way it pulls
When seasons change
It hurts sometimes
To find where you begin
But you are perfect porcelain

The slow and simple melody
Of tears you cannot keep from me
It's alright if you don't know what you need
I'm right here when
You need someone to see
It's not speak
Or forever hold your peace
It's alright to take time
And find where you've been
You are perfect porcelain

The slow and simple melody
Of tears you cannot keep from me
It's alright if you don't know what you need

Oh, when your heart releases, 
You won't fall to pieces
You'll let those old diseases lie
Oh, and your heart releases, 
You won't fall to pieces
And your breath comes crashing in
Like perfect porcelain

The slow and simple melody
Of tears you cannot keep from me
It's alright if you don't know what you need

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