partner in crime

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tw this chapter contains...(murder,blood.)

"Let's go then," he says, walking toward his car.

You follow behind him. You knew this was wrong. What the fuck was wrong with you. You were following this man who just dumped a dead body into the lake.

You guess you couldn't judge since you were doing the same, but you had an explanation, did he?

He opens the passenger door for you quickly. You get inside the car, and he shuts it before heading to the driver's seat.

You now had a light to see the boy from the car. He opens the door and sits down. This was your chance to see his face.

The first thing you happened to notice was the suit he was wearing. It was completely black. He had on a silver watch, a big one—also, a chain silver, of course.

Everything he had on looked expensive. Even his car was excellent. Moving on to his face, he had tan skin. His eyes were green, a gorgeous green.

His nose, his lips all of his facial features stood out. His hair was long, about shoulder length. It was down the color was brown.

"Eren." he says, glancing over to you with his hand out for you to shake.

"Huh?" you reply. "Eren, it's my name, " he says with his hand still out.

"Oh!" you quickly shake his hand, then pulling away from his grip.

"And your name?" he asks, beginning to pull out of the wooded area, his one hand gliding against the wheel, his head over his shoulder to look behind.

You stay quiet, giving him no response. You didn't want him to know your name, and you didn't even want to be in this car with him.

You were doing this so he wouldn't sell you out. The last thing you needed was to get fucking arrested.

Although you felt that you should have turned yourself in, as he said though he deserved it.

He was right. He did, but I mean, you straight up killed someone. Was that not registering in your head?

He finishes pulling out of the woods. "So where is the house at?" he asked.

He points to the screen in the middle of the car for you to type in the address.

You type it in fast, wrapping your arms around yourself.

"Are you scared?" He asks, driving down the street.

"No." you reply. Your answer was a lie, but you didn't want him to make you feel intimated.

"Then how come you're shaking?" he says, pointing to your body that was shaking in fear.

"I'm just cold," you reply. He takes off his suit jacket then throwing it aside to you.

"Here," you weren't cold, just scared but you take it so he would believe you.

You slip your arms into the sleeves. They were big but warm you got breezed in the face with a scent of cologne.

It smelt fucking good. The boy was handsome. You admit he was, and on top of it, he smelled terrific.

You glanced at the GPS to see how far you were from the house. Fifteen minutes until your arrival.

He was silent. His eyes were fixated on the road. You wonder what was running through his mind.

What was he thinking? There had to be something wrong with him. Was he a psychopath? Does he kill
People on the regular?

Maybe he had been involved in something? Perhaps he was someone well known who had lots of power?

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