Chapter 2

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Monday. Oh how I hate Monday. The only thing I'm looking forward to is calling Sam. It's 6:00 am. School wake up time. Ugh! My mom usually comes in and wakes me up. But I had trouble falling asleep so I woke up by myself. Boy is she gonna be surprised. Footsteps. Footsteps coming up our brand new stairs.
"Alex, time to wake up to go to school."
Maybe if I fake being sick I'll get to stay home. It could work. I see it happen all the time in movies and I bet people do it in real life.
"Mom, I'm sick. I don't feel well."
"Well I guess your just gonna have to miss the first day of your new school."
"Really?!" Even though I already knew by reading her mind, she was just joking.
"Gotcha, nope your going. Definitely no matter what. Honey, it's just school you will make friends in no time."
That's what mom always says "oh your going to do just fine" "everyone is going to love you". I wish she was right but that's just not reality.
"Ugh fine."
"Good for you now get dressed." my mom said "you don't want to be late for your first day." She acts like she's all excited for me. But deep down it really hurts her to see me like this. I can't blame her. If I was in that position I would be the same way.
I got out of bed and got dressed. I pulled on some jeans and a oversized sweatshirt. Why try? Nobody is gonna talk to me anyways. I pulled my hair into a messy bun and got up to brush my teeth. I was looking in the mirror. Just stand up straight and tall I said to myself. Your going to get through this day.
"Do you want a ride to school honey?" my mom asked me as soon as I walked right into the kitchen.
"No I'll drive myself."
My mom looks pained. Oh I hate to see her like that but, I really need some time to be alone. I need to think how I'm getting through this day.
"Bye Mom. Love you."
"Love you too honey."
I get into the car throw my bag into the passenger seat and turn on the radio.
I love singing it brings me a joy like nothing else could ever bring me. When I'm singing it's like I'm in a whole other world. A world where nothing can go wrong.
Wrong. School happened. I'm already there. Everyone outside is with there friends. And me? I don't have any friends. I'm a loner. I can't wait to call Sam;I think as I walk to the doors.
I walk inside the school. There are so many people. I didn't think there would be this much. I start paying attention to people.
"How was your summer!?" someone was about to say.
"Ugh lets just go home already." there's already someone complaining in there head that they want to go home.
Then, I here a mean comment.
"Ewww look at her. She's a freak."
You want to know who is being called a freak? Me. That's right me. They are calling me a freak and they haven't even met me!! Talk about don't judge a book by it's cover.
I can't believe there already calling me names when they have never seen me in my life. My clothes are just ordinary clothes some of her friends are wearing!! How dare she! Ugh!!!
As I'm walking to my biology class I decide to block everyone out. See I can also block everyone's mind out with my ability. It's a good thing I did that because if anyone else was going to call me names, I probably would of broke down in tears right then and there. I see my room finally!
I walk in the door and sit down in the way back. Nobody is sitting back there. And I'm glad because I don't know what I would of done if someone started being mean to me again. The classroom is nearly empty. Which I hope stays that way.
The first bell is going to ring soon. Everyone starts piling in like there's an animal chasing them. Then, I spot him. I spot this really cute guy. I really shouldn't think that but I can't help it. Even though I know he's going to start being mean to me.
"Okay everyone, I'm going to assign biology partners for the year."
My teacher starts calling out my classmates names but I kinda just tune her out. But then I notice she's gonna call my name.
"Alexis your with Elliot."
So that cute guy has a name.
"Hi I'm Elliot."
"What's your name?"
"Is it short for something?"
"Well Alexis your very pretty."
Pretty! Elliot just called me pretty! I was suppose to be the nobody then all of a sudden this guy comes up and called me pretty.
"So did you just move here?"
"That's cool."
"How bout you?"
"I've lived here all my life."
Then I feel a pair of eyes staring at me like there trying to reach inside my soul. I'm scared to turn around. Class is almost over thank god.
The rest of the day just kinda went in a blur. Blah blah blah. Finally the last class. Guess who's in it? Elliot!!
That period I was not paying attention to anything at all. I finally look up at the clock and it's about to ring I'm going home! Ring!! The school bell rings and I immediately pack up my stuff and get out of there.
"Hey Alex wait up!" Someone called from behind me. It's Elliot. Why does it have to be him.
"Hey you want to hangout?"
"I just met you."
"That's why I want to hangout with you. I want to get to know you."
How do I let him down gently?
"Uhh listen I have hw to do can we make a rain check?"
"Sure I'll see you tomorrow."
I rush to get to my car so no one else can talk to me. I get in start the engine and head off to get home.

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