Settling In

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Logan's POV
After the day we met with Reese, Leoni set about her new training schedule. She threw herself into the routine - runs with myself and the pack every morning before breakfast coupled with gruelling one to one training with Reese every evening before dinner. As the weeks rolled by and we moved into Autumn, she also started at the local High School in Powell River, focused on finishing her Senior Year.

The school was comprised of a mix of werewolves from our pack and local humans- humans who were entirely unaware that some of their colleagues were supernatural beings or that werewolves even existed. I made a point of dropping her off every morning, kissing her pouty pink lips before she got out of the car and she made her way home in the afternoon with Sophia and Carly. Carly had learnt to drive over the summer months and I gave her the full use of one of my 4x4s - I took a lot of comfort in knowing that my Luna was being driven home each day in a bullet proof vehicle. Alongside Sophia and Carly, who were in the year below her, I was happy to find out that Leoni had made other human friends at the school along with building a friendship with another she-wolf in her year- the daughter of an Elder, a shy, pretty girl called Felicity. Felicity seemed to often get a lift back to the packhouse with Carly and she had joined Leoni for chick flick movie nights in our cabin a few times - I had made sure to make myself scarce for these as really there was only so much Hugh Grant I could stand...

I had noticed a few of the human teen boys leering at my gorgeous mate, and I took a lot of restraint to not get out of the car and punch their lights out... but I reminded myself that firstly, they were humans so Leoni could easily fend off any unwanted advances, and secondly, my sweet mate's thoughts were all on her Alpha. I loved how obsessed we were about each other, and I loved how responsive my Luna's body was to me when I made love to her nearly every day.

Leoni was still taking her tablet daily and given that she wished to graduate from high school next June I had resigned myself to not asking her to consider trying for a pup just yet. She-wolf pregnancies tended to be shorter than human pregnancies, around 6 months. I knew I had to be patient but I was thoroughly enjoying the frequent "practice sessions" in the bedroom.

My mother had been stealing my mate away frequently to get her essential input on preparations for the upcoming Luna and Wedding ceremony. They had apparently settled on a light blue theme as Leoni had expressed her love of the beach and sea. She had secretively been whisked into Vancouver with my mother (along with heavy security sent by myself and my father) and I strongly suspected that her dress had been purchased.

I had met with the Werewolf Council along with the Elders of my own pack and explained about Leoni being a White Wolf. They were aghast but quickly made plans to allow for me to take a break from Council duties to allow for Leoni's and my training to take effect. The Council had insisted, however, on sending their own trainers to oversee training sessions and I knew they would be sending back reports. The Council were keen to protect Leoni but also to potentially invite her to work with them in the future. Her growing powers were so unique, it was difficult to see how she Wouldn't end up on the Council in some capacity in the future.

I sat right now beside a Council trainer, on the benches at the side of our pack training field, breathing in the crisp Autumn air as we watched Leoni's training session with Reese get underway. He was working on getting her to manipulate the wind, she seemed to be doing very well - I sent her encouragement across our bond and she glanced over at me smiling. I felt her passion for me flowing over the bond. Just then the wind she was moving around the field seemed to pick up dramatically and her eyes snapped to a large twister formation that was now heading down the field towards her. Reese shouted at her to stop but I could feel her fear and panic over our bond.

The twister was gathering pace, I stood ready to run and grab Leoni but just as I moved my feet in her direction there was a crack and she was gone! I blinked as the twister had vanished also - a peace had descended over the field and I nearly jumped out of my skin as I felt a small hand appear in mine. The sparks told me who it was instantly and I pulled her into my arms, enveloping her completely. I had no idea how she had been at the opposite end of the field one second and beside me the next but I didn't care. My little mate was safe.

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