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I lied down in my bed, while my thoughts about you consumed me.

You kissed me on the cheeks that night.

Did you recall that time? because I still do.

You kissed me on my cheeks after I whispered how sorry I am for being such an asshole during that house party. And I swear if I'd move just a bit or an inch closer, I would've kissed you on the lips.

And I froze, not because of the rain or the coldness of the weather. I froze because I literally wanted to freeze that moment, I wanted your lips brushed onto my fucking cheeks for a bit longer, and it was so soft and light that it felt like the clouds touched me. But it lingered, that small interaction and moment stayed in my head.

I watched you get drenched while you ran towards your apartment's front door, and before you went inside, you waved with your small hand, with that pretty smile plastered on your face - and shouted "Thank you for walking me home, Ace!", so I nodded and waved back at you. "Anytime!" I replied.

So how could I possibly get you off of my head after that? How can I fall asleep, when I'm actually still wide awake thinking and hoping you're beside me?

Then I heard the raindrops on the roof, on the window pane, and god, I realized that every time it rains, all I'll ever remember now is an image of you waving at me while you're smiling.

Like I said, after that night, I don't hate the rain anymore.

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