Chapter One

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"I cant marry you." Aiden said to me.

I couldn't help but laugh at that statement.

"You really have to stop with those jokes. You know that sometimes I hate it when you joke at the most inaproppriate times." I said to him in between my laughs.

"I am serious." He said to me in a more serious voice this time.

"Please stop playing games...." it was all i could think of. It had to be some joke, something in unbelievable bad taste, and I tried to force a smile that showed that I knew he was joking.

I stared at him but I was met with the most hostile glare of rejection, his face was so hard to read that i felt as if i had physically slammed into something as solid as a brick wall.

"I am no playing any games. I meant what i just said." He then turned to the guests and continued "This wedding is over. You can all go back to your homes."

"You don't mean this. You said that you loved me and wanted to marry me. Remember." I tried to explain this to him.

MARRY.YOU.FINAL.GET THAT INTO YOUR THICK HEAD WOMAN."He all but shouted at me with those words.
I couldn't form a word. I was shocked at those words.

"Dont do this" i begged him in a small tone almost a whisper.

" I am sorry" he said to me.

"No you are not. You are not sorry at all!" I yelled at him. I had always known that Aiden didn't love me as much as i had loved him but i had ignored it thinking that it was how he expressed his feelings. But now i regret not ever having listened to myself.

"Don't make me hate you Aiden." I said in a venomous voice,"if you do this to me now i will hate you with all my heart. If you do this, i will never forgive you." I shouted through my tears.

He chuckled and then smiled. The curve of his lips held no warmth or trace of humour, making his response a bitter mockery of all it should have meant.

"Fine," he declared "thats just fine with, infact, thats exactly the way i want it."

And with that said he turned his heel and strode away from me. I stared at him as he walked out of the church and out of my life without so much as a backward glance.

It was then that i knew that man had played me like a toy. That was the day i vowed to myself never to interact with someone like him ever again.

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