38. Good Day

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As they broke away from each other, Anna kept her eyes closed. That was the final kiss, the kiss that would reveal whether she had truly found her soulmates once and for all. Was her whole life about to change again? She couldn't bear to look.

"Anna?" Yoongi called out, wondering why she wasn't opening her eyes.

"I can't look!" She shook her head; her heart was racing as if it was trying to pound its way through her chest.

Yoongi looked down at his hand and ran his thumb over the mark on his left ring finger. He thought it was a perfect symbol of their connection.

"Anna. Look," he encouraged her, but she shook her head.

Yoongi was thinking of how to get her to open her eyes when a loud squeal echoed through the apartment. The sudden noise startled Anna enough that she opened her eyes instinctively. Yoongi quickly grabbed her left wrist with his left hand and held them up in her line of sight. This way she could see both of their soul-marks - a patchwork of musical notes.

"It's beautiful," she whispered and as relief flooded her body the world faded into darkness.

Upstairs in his bedroom, Taehyung was still awake too. He had been gaming and now he was on his phone looking through Weverse at ARMY's comments. He was trying to distract his mind, but all he could think about was the morning he had spent with Anna.

He had run his left hand over his face and groaned in frustration when he noticed something. Pulling his hand away, he looked at it and his eyes widened. On his ring finger was proof of their completed soulmate bond.

He squealed loudly before covering his mouth with his right hand. Should I wake the others up and tell them? He was so happy he felt he would burst if he didn't share this moment with someone.

Then he realised Anna and Yoongi must be awake. He ran out of his room and downstairs. Looking around, he spotted them on the sofa in the living room. Wearing his classic boxy grin, the singer was about to run over to his two soulmates when he realised something was wrong.

Taehyung rushed over and knelt on the floor beside the couch.

"What happened?!" the singer asked.

"She fainted. Go wake up Jin-Hyung," Yoongi urged him.

"Why did she..." Taehyung frowned.

"Now, Taehyung," snapped the rapper.

The singer scrambled up and ran back upstairs to Jin and Yoongi's room. Instead of jumping on his oldest soulmate - which was his usual way of waking his soulmates up - he shook him awake.

"Tae?" Jin questioned as he opened his eyes. When he saw Taehyung's panicked face, he sat up. "Baby, what's wrong?"

"Good news and bad news," Taehyung started, not knowing how to explain the situation without panicking his soulmate.


"Look at your left hand."

Still half asleep, Jin didn't realise what Taehyung's words meant until he looked at his hand and saw his soul-mark. He held his left hand out in front of him so he could admire what he had been waiting so long for. A tear of pure joy escaped his eye.

Jin turned to Taehyung who was watching him fondly. He grabbed the younger boy's head between his hands and gave him a deep and emotional kiss.

"I can't believe it. Our bond is finally complete!" He cried happily and then he noticed Taehyung's expression change. "Wait, did you say there's bad news too?"

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