36. Dionysus

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Namjoon swore it wasn't doing it on purpose when he caught Anna singing in her room for the second time. He had only popped back home to pick something up when he heard music coming from somewhere in the apartment. It wasn't his fault that she left her bedroom door open.

This time was a little different to the last time. This time she was listening to BTS songs. Not only that, but it seemed to be a playlist of just the rap line's songs and their older hip-hop songs. He should have found it cute. She was dancing and jumping around and was barely able to pronounce any of the fast-paced lyrics, but instead, he found it incredibly attractive to watch her rap along to his songs.

Anna almost had a heart attack when she spotted Namjoon watching her from the doorway. She stumbled in shock and ended up landing on the bed.

"Namjoon!" she said startled. "I thought you had left for work with the others?"

"I forgot my phone," he admitted bashfully.

"Oh," she said. Of course, you did.

Namjoon walked over to where she was sitting on the bed.

"That was very impressive," he smirked, looming over her.

"I, uh, no one was meant to see that," she stammered under his gaze.

"Why not? I enjoyed watching you... very much."

He kept on leaning towards Anna, who in return kept leaning back. She hadn't noticed what was happening until suddenly she found herself on her back. Now she was lying on the bed with Namjoon on top of her, as he held himself up on his arms which rested on either side of her.

By the time he started kissing her neck, Anna's mind was foggy. Having him so close, looking at her in such a way, and speaking to her with that voice, had her heart racing. Namjoon continued his trail along her jaw until his lips were hovering just above hers, and she could practically feel him smirk, his lips were so close.

And then he descended upon her. It was different from any of the kisses she had experienced so far from her soulmates. Namjoon's kiss was full of want and need. At first, Anna felt as though she was struggling to keep up, but then it was as if something was unleashed within her and she matched his desire.

Their kisses had gotten rather heated when suddenly a phone started ringing. The unexpected noise made the pair jump, leading them to bang foreheads, and ending up with Namjoon falling off the bed.

"Ouch," he groaned from the floor.

"Namjoon!" she cried, rubbing her forehead. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. I'm used to it by now," he laughed.

"Umm, your phone?" she reminded him.

"Oh!" It took a few minutes for him to find it, as it had somehow ended up under the bed. "Ah! I'm late!" Namjoon looked at Anna still sitting on the bed. She looked so cute with her swollen lips, flushed cheeks, and messy hair. But she also looked vulnerable as he watched her twist her fingers together, a nervous habit he had noticed. "Do you want to come to work with me?"

Anna thought she might want time alone to process what had just transpired, but she also knew being left alone with her thoughts was rarely a good idea. Besides, she couldn't resist the need to stay close to her soulmate.

"Can I?" she asked hopefully.

"Of course. Come on," he smiled. Once they were in the car, Namjoon started to feel worried. "Are you okay? I hope I didn't push you too far earlier."

"What? No, I'm fine," she assured him.

"Are you sure? I didn't mean to get so carried away... and it was our first kiss, our bonding kiss, it should have been a romantic moment," he rambled a little. "A beautiful memory for you."

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