35. Rain

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Everyone was quiet on the flight back to Seoul the next morning. This could have been because of the fact it was very early in the morning but for Anna, the silence only heightened the tension between them all. Now it was all up to her, kiss the other six members of BTS and find out if they were her soulmates - or not. The deadline for her visa was rapidly approaching. It had taken her three weeks to kiss Jungkook, and now she had one to kiss the rest of them.

When they reached their apartment, the boys all headed to bed to get some more sleep. However, Anna had so much on her mind that she was struggling to fall asleep, despite being tired from the early start. So, after cuddling with Jungkook for a while, she got up and left the bedroom so as not to disturb him. She was surprised to find that she wasn't the only one awake.

Jin was in the kitchen preparing to make himself something to eat. When he noticed Anna had entered the room, he stopped what he was doing and stared at her. Under his gaze, she stood there awkwardly, hoping he would do or say something. For some reason, she felt nervous. Whether it was nerves of worry or nerves of anticipation, she wasn't sure.

Suddenly Jin reached out and grabbed Anna by the arm, pulling her towards him. He trapped her against the kitchen counter, his arms caging her in on either side. As some who was always making jokes, Jin's serious face had always slightly intimidated Anna, and at this moment he was just staring down at her with a humourless expression. She wondered if he was troubled by the bonding situation.

After a few long moments without a word spoken, Jin stepped away from Anna to go back to cooking. However, Anna couldn't bear it and reached out to grab his arm.

"Jin, please..." She wasn't even sure what she was pleading for: for him to look at her, talk to her, or even kiss her.

Jin's shoulders that had tensed up at her touch, dropped at the sound of her voice. He thought back to that moment on stage when he had first felt her presence. He remembered the overwhelming sense of joy he had felt and the sound of her laughter echoing in his ears. That moment, that memory, was proof that they weren't wrong. She was his soulmate.

He backed Anna against the counter again, but this time one hand tangled in her hair, holding the back of her head. He touched his forehead to hers, closing his eyes briefly. When he opened them again, he was gazing down at Anna's closed eyes, watching her eyelashes as they fluttered along with her heart.

"Anna," he whispered gently.

At the sound of his voice, her eyes shot open. This time Jin was staring down at her with a warm expression, and she melted under his gaze. With Anna's eyes begging him to put them out of their misery, he closed those last couple of inches of space between them.

He kissed her softly. Seeing his very confident demeanour, she had wondered if he might act the same way in more intimate situations. Nevertheless, Anna was only slightly surprised by her oldest soulmate's tender peck-like kiss.

Jin was hesitant. He didn't want Anna to think that just because she had kissed one of them, that now it was open season for the rest of them. Although he couldn't resist kissing her, he managed to restrain himself from overwhelming her.

On the contrary, Anna had no such tentativeness. After the unexpected drama of last night, she needed to know. If this next week was the last of her time with BTS, then she was going to make sure she made the most of it.

Kissing Jungkook had left her anticipating bonding with the rest of her soulmates and the gentle peck from Jin had left her wanting more. Connecting with her oldest soulmate had also filled her with confidence and when she looked back on this moment, Anna was sure she would be shocked at her actions.

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