33. Your eyes tell

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In her panic to find a present for Jungkook, Anna had forgotten about the surprise Namjoon had mentioned for Maknae's birthday. So, it ended up being a surprise for her too, when the day after the final concert they all ended up at Disneyland Tokyo.

Her soulmates had never seen Anna so excited. She was practically jumping up and down when she realised where they were. They hadn't been sure whether she enjoyed rollercoasters, but Disneyland had enough variety that they knew it wouldn't matter if she didn't. Hoseok and Jimin would happily joy her on the smaller rides if that was the case. Hoseok had been secretly hoping he would have an excuse to sit out the big rides.

Unfortunately, he soon found out that wasn't the case when they started discussing what rides everyone wanted to go on. Known for being an adrenaline junkie, Jungkook's priority was Space Mountain, the fastest rollercoaster in the park. Meanwhile, Hoseok was suggesting they start small with something like Peter Pan's Flight.

Anna had been watching the boys in amusement, as they could not agree on what ride to go on first. Apart from being a fan of Disney and rides, she was particularly excited to be in Disneyland Tokyo, as she had only been to the Paris one before. She looked up at Yoongi when he called her name.

"Anna, what ride? You choose," the rapper insisted.

"Oh! Umm, Pirates of the Caribbean?" she answered, being a big fan of the movies and Captain Jack Sparrow.

He nodded and grabbed her wrist as he started walking off, Anna guessed, in the direction of her favourite ride. Once he knew she was following him, Yoongi released his hold on her. She was a little disappointed at the loss of contact before she remembered that they were in public and they needed to be careful, especially when it came to her.

It reminded her that they had yet to discuss when, or if, they would be going public with their soul-group. She guessed that it made sense to wait until they had completed the bond to talk about it. In other words, until she had kissed one of them.

"Yah! Where are you going?" yelled Jin.

"Guys, stop running we're supposed to be discreet!" shouted Namjoon.

"Then stop shouting!" pointed out Hoseok.

Anna heard what sounded like a stampede of elephants running up behind her. A pair of hands grabbed her on the shoulders making her jump, and the grinning birthday boy appeared beside her. Seconds later, another body ran into the back of her, an arm wrapped around her shoulders and Taehyung's boxy grin appeared on her other side. Of course, these two were never without their third partner in crime. When a third body ran in the back of Anna, she would have gone flying if not for the hold Jungkook and Taehyung still had on her.

"Whoa! You okay, Princess?" asked Yoongi.

"Sorry!" the three singers exclaimed.

"I'm okay," she assured them.

"You three should be more careful," complained the rapper.

"Sorry, Yoongi-Hyung!" recited the three of them.

The collision had caused them to pause, which allowed the others to catch them up.

"Where are you going?" asked Namjoon.

"Pirates of the Caribbean," replied Yoongi.

"Why not Star Wars?!" huffed Jin.

"Anna chose it," Yoongi told them.

"Pirates it is!" shouted Hoseok.

After riding Pirates of the Caribbean, they took turns choosing what ride to go on next. However, a few rides later they noticed that they were beginning to attract attention.

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