31. Moon

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It was the day before they left for Japan and Anna was having her only Korean lesson of the week. After Namjoon had told her the plans for the last leg of their Tour, she had let her teacher know she wouldn't be able to have lessons the rest of that week. Before, she wasn't sure if she would be going with them, but since they were celebrating Jungkook's birthday in Japan she got to go too.

Anna had lots to do before they left the next morning. Having the birthday boy as a roommate had made it difficult to sort out his birthday present. So, she planned on doing it while Jungkook was at work that day. Honestly, she had struggled to think of what to get him. This would be the first time she celebrated his birthday as his soulmate, and she wanted it to be special.

However, when she came out of her Korean lesson, someone was waiting for her.

"Surprise!" shouted Jin as soon as he saw her, giving her a bit of a fright.

Her oldest soulmate had come to take her out to lunch. He took her to a Sushi restaurant, which was an experience for Anna because she had never been to one, or ever tried sushi before. Since she knew how much Jin liked it, she agreed to try it. Ultimately, she decided that she liked her fish cooked. While they ate, they discussed the upcoming trip and Jungkook's birthday.

"Would Jungkook like it if I made him cupcakes for his birthday?" Anna asked Jin.

"Cake?" he questioned. "What kind?"

"Well, I usually make banana and Nutella cakes."

"You like make cake?" Anna nodded in response. "You like cooking?"

"I do. Not sure how good I am at it though."

"You cook for us. Very good. Very... yum," Jin hummed appreciatively and gave her a thumbs up. "You make cake, Jungkook love cake."

"You think so?"

"We make today. You want?"

"Yes, okay!"

Jin and Anna spent the rest of the afternoon together. In the kitchen, they had fun baking together. Baking wasn't something Jin had done a lot of. He barely had time to cook dinner very often because of their schedule. It was nice to have this rare afternoon off to spend in the kitchen and even more so to spend it with his soulmate. He hoped they would get time to cook together one day.

"Jin?" called out Anna.

"Yes, Sweetie?" he answered, noticing her blush at the nickname he had given her.

"Can you..." she hesitated, "er, can you teach me some Korean?"

"Of course!" he replied. "You teach me English? Okay?"

"Okay," she agreed and looked at the ingredients they had used. "I think you know this one," she joked. "Butter." He repeated it and then told her the Korean word.

They went through all the ingredients, a few times as Anna forgot them as soon as they moved on and then the equipment as well. Anna appreciated Jin wanting to learn with her as learning together made it more fun. It also made her feel like less of an idiot when she struggled to remember the new words, as he struggled too.

While the cakes were in the oven, they decided to do a final test. Jin did well in remembering the English words, however, Anna failed.

"Okay, last one," he told her.

At this point, Anna was disappointed in herself and her poor memory, but then Jin pointed to himself. She was rather confused as he continued to gesture to himself.

"Kim Seokjin?" she answered.

"Yes! Go Anna!" he praised, before changing to Korean. "Wah! Your pronunciation is so cute!"

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