28. My Time

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Anna woke up the next morning to a room full of painting supplies. Jungkook walked in carrying more things and when he saw she was awake, he jumped onto the bed. He was already dressed in overalls.

"Anna! What we do first?" he asked her excitedly in English.

"Well, first I'm going to wake up," she replied. It was too early in the morning to deal with so much energy. When she saw her youngest soulmate was pouting, she decided he could get started while she got ready for the day. "First we need to move the furniture into the middle of the room and cover everything in sheets. Then we'll wash the walls."

Whenever she had painted before, she would always wonder how necessary it was to wash the walls first. You don't usually think about walls getting dirty. However, the last time she painted a room she did some research and found out it was quite an important step, so she hoped he had some sugar soap amongst all those supplies.

"Wash? I good cleaner," he smiled proudly.

"I know," she smiled back at his cuteness.

Anna had barely gotten off the bed before Jungkook was pulling it away from the wall. She shook her head at his enthusiasm while she chose some clothes to take into the bathroom with her. When she came out, all the furniture had been moved and covered with sheets.

"Noona! I wash wall," he told her.

"Good job!" she praised. "Let's have breakfast while it dries." After breakfast, they started with the ceiling. "Shall we put some music on?"

"Yes! Noona can decide."

Anna went through her music but couldn't decide. She hated making decisions.

"Do you mind listening to your music?" she asked. She knew some actors didn't like watching their own movies, so she wondered if it was the same for singers.

"My music?"


"Yes, play BTS!" Jungkook encouraged and they spent the next few hours painting and singing along to BTS songs. "Noona sing Korean good."

"Ha, you joker guy," she laughed and wondered if he got the inside joke.

"Okay, maybe not good," he joked, "but I know Noona try hard." He laughed when Anna gave him a whack on the arm.

By the time they finished the first coat, it was lunchtime and they needed to wait a few hours before they could do the second coat anyway. After eating, they looked through websites for things to go in their room. Jungkook took note of everything Anna said she liked.

"We don't need to replace everything," reasoned Anna. "You already have a lamp!"

"Noona like this one."

"Do you like it though?"

"If Noona like it, I like it too," he stated. Anna sighed and rested her head in her hands. Her youngest soulmate was impossible to reason with. "Noona angry?"

"No." She couldn't be mad at him for trying to make her happy. "Let's move on to something else. Duvet covers?"

"I don't know what is that?" he asked in confusion.

"Duvet cover. Bedsheets?" explained Anna.

"Oh! Dufae cover?" Jungkook tried to repeat what Anna had said.

"Duvet," she repeated. Seeing him struggle she added, "It's got a 'v' in it."


"Never mind, that didn't help." She said it slowly. "Doo-vay."

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