25. Reflection

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That morning Anna had been to her third Korean lesson. Tom had scheduled her to come in for a couple of hours every weekday morning. In two weeks, BTS had the last concerts of their World Tour in Japan as well as Jungkook's birthday. She wasn't sure if she would be going with them, or what was happening, but her teacher was very flexible and told her just to let him know nearer the time. When she got back home, Anna had changed into her new sportswear. Now, she was waiting for Namjoon to come home so that they could go on their bike ride - just the two of them.

She knew she should go over this morning's lesson while it was fresh in her mind and since she didn't know if she would have time to later, but instead, she was sprawled across her bed. Her head was still spinning with all the Korean they had gone over in her lesson. So, Anna did something that had become a rare occurrence since becoming ARMY, she turned on some music that wasn't BTS.

Singing was a release for Anna. She often played music just so she could sing her heart out. As much as she loved BTS's songs, and of course she tried her best to sing along to them, she still struggled with the Korean pronunciations. Although she had seen an improvement after she started learning Korean, frustratingly for Anna, it wasn't enough for her to be able to sing a whole song or even entire verses, and she didn't even attempt the raps. Therefore, when it got to the point where she needed a good singing session, she had to turn to songs that were in English.

This was how Namjoon found her; lying on her bed, wearing sports clothes, passionately singing along to the loud music that was playing. She was so lost in the music that she didn't even notice him standing in her doorway. He smiled fondly at her. Although a small part of him felt like he was intruding by watching her, he also couldn't bear to leave. He felt happy, and also relieved, to see his new soulmate this way. As the leader, Namjoon was often at work more than the others and he had been worrying whether Anna had been settling in okay. It was nice to see her comfortable enough to be herself in their home.

When a new song came on, he vaguely recognised it as an old Eminem song featuring Rihanna. However, Namjoon was shocked that when it got to the rap verse Anna joined in. Although her breathing needed work, she had a good rhythm and feeling. It was a whole new side of Anna. When the song finished Namjoon couldn't help but clap and cheer, which startled Anna out of her singing trance.

"Whoa! Anna, that was awesome!" he cheered. "You didn't say you could rap too?"

"What? Oh, umm, I can't, just that one song," stumbled Anna, startled by her soulmate's sudden appearance.

"You don't know any other raps?" Namjoon asked.

"No... before BTS I didn't listen to rap," she admitted.

By this time Anna was sitting cross-legged on the bed. Namjoon walked over and perched on the edge in front of her.

"What kind of music did you listen to?" the rapper smiled at her.

"Umm... well, I used to say I listen to pretty much anything apart from rap," she laughed, "but honestly I listen to a lot of soundtracks. So, generally, I don't listen to a lot of music by one artist. Other than that, I would say alternative rock pop? Imagine Dragons, Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, The Score... stuff like that."

"Cool," he said as he thought about how different those artists were from BTS. "How did you end up liking our music then?"

"Good question... I guess you guys were too cute for me to resist," she smiled teasingly.

"Can't argue with that!" he chuckled. "Are you ready to go?"

Once Anna had grabbed her bag, she turned to see Namjoon holding his hand out to her. It was still strange for Anna that she had someone who wanted to hold her hand. Although she had gotten better with physical contact with her soulmates, sometimes she still found herself holding back from initiating it. If she allowed herself, Anna would probably spend every minute she could, cuddled up to one of her soulmates. Nevertheless, she couldn't help but feel that they would end up finding her too clingy and annoying. As Namjoon's large warm hand enveloped Anna's, she wished that he would never let go.

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