22. Converse High

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It was BTS's day off and they had made an appointment at the Soulmate Registration Office (SRO). While it wasn't a legal requirement for soulmates to register themselves, if one of the soulmates wasn't a citizen then they would need a soulmate visa to live in the country permanently. The SRO would also set up these foreign soulmates with local bank accounts, SIM cards, and anything else they may need as a non-citizen. 

They were sat in an office at the Soulmate Registration Office. Anna - as the soulmate who needed a visa - and Namjoon - as the leader and translator of the group - were sat in front of the desk, while the other members sat behind them.

"First let me assure you that your details will be kept private," stated the SRO worker. "Soulmate registrations are not public records, so you have nothing to worry about in that regard."

"Thank you," smiled Namjoon. "That's comforting to hear."

"Now, to begin with, I will assume that your soulmate is foreign and therefore needs a Soulmate Visa?"

"That's correct."

"I will need some sort of identification, such as a passport, as well as to see proof of your bond."

"Proof of our bond?" he questioned. "That will be difficult." Namjoon glanced over at Anna. "We haven't bonded with her yet."

"Ah," the SRO worker frowned. "In that case, I can only issue a temporary visa for a maximum stay of thirty days. By then, you will need to show proof of your soulmate bond, or I'm afraid she will need to leave the country."

Anna had been watching the Namjoon and the SRO worker as they talked. Although she couldn't understand what they were saying, she could tell that something was wrong. Namjoon sighed and nodded at the worker before turning to face her. 

"They can only issue a temporary visa because we don't have proof that we're soulmates. If we don't have proof within thirty days, you'll have to leave Korea," he summarised for her.

At first, Anna was confused by what they meant as proof, but when she looked down at her hands in her lap, she realised. I don't have a soul-mark yet because I won't let any of them kiss me. She inwardly groaned, one kiss and this wouldn't have been a problem. Now she had a deadline to kiss her soulmates and complete their bond. No pressure.

"Sorry," she sighed, wringing her hands together. "This is my fault. I've made things difficult."

"No," Jin disagreed, covering her hands with one of his own.

None of them had considered that Anna might not be able to stay in their country indefinitely. However, her comfort was their top priority. In no way did they want her to feel pressured to do something she wasn't ready for. Yet, they weren't too worried, a lot could happen in thirty days.

"Jin-Hyung right," Hoseok chimed in. "Don't worry. Okay?"

From behind her, the dancer rested a hand on her head before leaning forward to place a kiss on her forehead. Hoseok proceeded to stroke her hair, while Jin kept a hold of her hand. With two of her soulmates comforting her, Anna felt her face heat up under their attentions.

"Anna?" called Namjoon to get her attention again and he handed her two items. "Here are your Korean sim card and bank card."


"We arranged a bank account for you ahead of time," the leader explained. "We had to put some money in there to start it off, so we all contributed."

"Oh," Anna was ashamed to admit she was surprised by how organised they were. "Thank you."

Namjoon cleared his throat and scratched the back of his neck. The other boys were glancing at each other praying that Anna wouldn't ask any further questions.

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