21. So What

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Anna was sitting on Jungkook's bed - her bed - making a shopping list. Namjoon had found out that the boxes of her stuff she had posted over had gotten lost. They hadn't contained anything particularly valuable: more clothes, books, and her craft supplies.

When it came to art, Anna didn't consider herself to be anywhere near Jungkook's sort of level. She liked to think that was because she never got the chance to develop her skills. As a student who was good at maths, she had always been pushed in that direction. It didn't matter if she was good at art and music as well. Society considered the arts as hobbies and not a serious study path, especially if you were good at an 'academic' subject.

"Noona need help?" asked Jungkook in English.

Her youngest soulmate's sudden appearance made Anna jump. She held her hand against her racing heart as she looked at him. Jungkook looked very apologetic for scaring her, but she was easily startled so it wasn't his fault.

"Hi, Kookie," she smiled as he sat on the bed next to her.

"What is this?" He pointed to the list she was writing.

"A shopping list."

"I see?"

"Sure," she agreed, turning her notebook towards him.

"Art and crafts?" he sounded out. "Paint?"

"More like patterned paper and card," Anna explained. "I knit as well, so maybe some needles and wool," she muttered to herself.

"Namjoon tell me your things..." he frowned as he searched for the right word, "lost?" She nodded. "These in those boxes?"

"Yeah," she sighed.

"Anything important was in there?"

"No, not really. Just... stuff."

This made Jungkook think. Looking around the room, he realised that it still looked like his room. She must feel like a guest. Anna had no things of her own. No bedding, cushions, or plushies. No pictures, ornaments, or any kind of personal belongings. He wanted to change that. How can I make this our room?

"What else on shopping list?"

"Er, face masks. I've used all of mine."

Anna couldn't remember how she discovered sheet masks, but it was before she listened to K-pop, and before she watched any Asian dramas. She used to love face masks, the clay type ones that seemed to dry out your skin and were impossible to wash off completely. Now she only used sheet masks, almost every night, as part of her routine.

"Face masks?" he gestured to his face to check he understood correctly. "You need? Hoseok-Hyung have some!"

Before Anna could respond, Jungkook had grabbed her wrist and was pulling her off the bed towards the bathroom. He stopped in front of the door which led to Hoseok and Jimin's room.

"What...?" she tried to ask, but Jungkook just knocked on the door before running away.

"Night night, Noona!" he giggled.

Anna had turned to watch him leave when the door in front of her opened.

"Anna?" said Jimin in surprise.

"Hobi!" she shouted in a panic. "Umm, is Hobi in there?"

"Hoseokie-Hyung," Jimin called out, "Anna's asking for you." He motioned for Anna to enter their room.

"You want me?" asked Hoseok in English.

"Yes..." Anna tried to ignore the way Hoseok had phrased the question. "Um, do you have any face masks? I know you use them a lot, or you said so once..."

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