20. Danger

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On Anna's second day in Korea, the members had to go to work. Although they invited her to tag along, Anna chose to stay at home. The members left early, so they were already gone when Anna woke up and it felt weird being in the apartment without them.

"Okay, first job: unpack."

She often spoke to herself, despite the stigma that it was a weird thing to do and a sign of a crazy person. But if you spent as much time alone as Anna did, then you had to speak to someone, even if it was yourself, or you would go crazy.

Anna looked into the suitcase which she had been living out of for the past month.

"I should probably wash these first..."

Although she had made use of the washing facilities at the hotels they had stayed at, most of it needed washing again, so there was no point putting it away in the wardrobe yet. Anna carried her washing to the laundry room. You can do this, Anna. I'm sure washing machines in Korea are the same as in England... Anna had forgotten about one small, but important detail.

"Apart from being in Korean... Crap. Of course, it's all in Korean."

Picking up her phone, she sat down on the floor in front of the machine and opened Papago. Thank god for translation apps. Anna continued to murmur to herself as she started typing the words into her phone. I really should have asked Kookie how to work it. I bet he would have offered to do my washing for me though, and what would I say...

"Sorry, Kookie but I'm not ready for you to touch my dirty underwear yet."

Anna grimaced. So embarrassing. She sighed. Translating was hard work. This is going to be my life from now on. Anna was worried. Languages were not her forte. She had learnt French for six years at school and yet could never put a sentence together. What if I can't learn Korean? It was something Anna had thought about before. When she was just a fan it didn't matter if she could never speak Korean, but as BTS's soulmate, it certainly did. Surely fate wouldn't give them a soulmate who was incapable of learning their language, right? Anna just needed to trust in fate.

"Hey! I'm just like Kookie in Bon Voyage!"

It wasn't long before Anna admitted defeat. She had translated everything, but she felt none the wiser to what settings to use. Maybe I should wait until they get back? And tell them I couldn't even work a washing machine!

"Nope. Let's wing it!"

After praying that her clothes would be okay, Anna went back to her room. What else can I do? She had already put her toiletries in the bathroom, and that was pretty much the extent of her belongings in Korea. I wondered what happened to the boxes I posted. After an unsuccessful search around the apartment, she decided to ask one of the boys about it when they got home.

When Anna looked at the time, it was almost lunchtime. Either she had got up late or working out the washing machine had taken her the whole morning.

"Next up: figuring out the kitchen."

First, she looked through all the cupboards to familiarise herself with where everything was and see what ingredients she had to work with. They were surprisingly stocked up considering they said they didn't do much cooking at home.

It was a little different to what she used to keep at home. There was a lot more soy sauce for one, and of course a whole cupboard full of ramen. She imagined they usually ate very different meals than she was used to, so she would need to go grocery shopping if she wanted to cook her favourite dishes.

Anna ended up having ramen. Partly because she'd never had proper ramen before, but mostly because it was quick and easy, and she was too lazy to make anything more substantial. Truthfully, she would love to order some Korean Fried Chicken. It was one of the things she was most looking forward to trying. However, navigating a takeaway app seemed a little ambitious for her first day, especially after her lack of luck with the washing machine.

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