15. Answer: Love Myself

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Anna was in the dressing room curled up on a sofa. The members had finished their rehearsals and sound check, and now they were getting their hair and makeup done for the concert. Usually, she did some work while the boys were busy, but today Anna didn't feel like she would be able to concentrate enough to be productive.

Looking over the back of the sofa, Anna noticed that Jin was getting his makeup done. She watched curiously. She was often fascinated watching other people apply makeup. There were a few people she followed on social media, though she often wondered why because she never tried out any of the looks on herself.

Anna couldn't quite see what the makeup artist was doing from where she was sitting on the sofa. Noticing an empty chair next to Jin, she made her way over to it.

"Can I watch?" Anna addressed the makeup artist, making gestures to the chair and Jin at the same time, hoping she would understand.

"Yes," smiled the staff member.

"Thank you."

Anna moved the chair far enough away so that she wouldn't get in the artists way and angled it to face away from the mirror and towards Jin. She didn't want to have to look at herself in the mirror.

"She just wants an excuse to stare at my handsome face," Jin told the makeup artist.

Anna didn't understand exactly what Jin had said, but she could guess from in tone and the way the makeup artist rolled her eyes, that he was teasing her. The staff member must be used to hearing such things from Jin. 

"Yes," Anna stated whilst staring at him.

It made Anna smile when Jin started laughing. This caused the artist to lightly scold him because she couldn't do his makeup.

Once he stopped, Jin watched Anna out of the corner of his eye. At first, he thought she was admiring his face, but then he realised it was the makeup artist she was watching.

"You like makeup?" he asked her in English.

"I don't wear a lot of makeup," she started to explain, "but I like watching other people put it on."

"You no need makeup."

"No." Anna decided to ignore the real meaning of Jin's words. "I'm lazy."

"You wear first time we meet."

"That was a special occasion."

The conversation had begun to make Anna uncomfortable, so she untucked her hair from behind her ears so that it curtained her face. Of course, they would notice when she was and wasn't wearing makeup but having Jin say it outright like that made her think about it. Should I wear more make-up around them? She wondered.

Anna had made a lot of progress in this department over the past few years. She used to always wear foundation, to cover up her flaws and redness, but then she started focusing on her skincare. Her goal was to clear up her skin so that she didn't feel the need to cover up anymore. She had managed to make her skin look good enough that she felt she could go with foundation. Korean sheet masks were now her best friend.

Anna was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't see Hoseok approaching her until he was tucking her hair back behind her ears. She looked up at him, getting lost in his gaze. He caressed her cheek with his thumb before dropping his hand from her face.

"You want to watch concert?" he asked her.

"I always watch the concerts." Anna pointed at the small screen in the room which showed the camera feed of the stage.

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