12. Wake Up

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It was Namjoon at the door, asking Jin to make sure a certain member of the maknae line got up in time. As the leader, he was going to the venue early for a meeting with management. They had their first concert at the new venue tonight and that meant a new stage that had to be set up and prepared in time for rehearsals later in the day.

"Yah, why does being the oldest mean I have to be the responsible one!" complained Jin.

Anna didn't catch every word that Jin said, but she thought she got the gist of it.

"I can help, if you want?" she offered.

Jin glanced down at her with a thoughtful expression. Anna wasn't sure whether it was because he didn't understand what she had said, or if he was just considering her offer.

"Okay!" he agreed.

Taehyung was in the room adjoining Jin's, so they could get into the room that way instead of knocking on the door and hoping he got up and answered them. Jin opened the doors for Anna.

"Good luck!" he told her before switching to Korean. "I'll go and check the others are up."

Anna watched Jin leave his room wondering why he thought she would need luck. Cautiously she entered the room Taehyung was in. She spotted him immediately. He was wrapped up in the duvet, facing towards her, fast asleep. Anna made her way over to the bed. Aww, he looks so peaceful, she thought. She didn't want to wake him, but she also didn't want to be the cause of her soulmates being late for work.

"Tae?" Anna leaned over tapped him on the shoulder. After getting no reaction she decided to shake him instead. "Taehyung! Time to get up!"

She paused to see if that had been enough to rouse him, but Taehyung showed no sign of waking. Anna was too gentle. She perched on the edge of the bed to rethink her strategy. Glancing down at him she couldn't help but reach out to brush his long fringe out of his eyes. This led to her running her fingers through his hair. How shall I wake him up? She imagined the other members pouring water of him and all sorts to get him up, but she couldn't bear to do such things to him.

Suddenly Anna found herself lying on the bed with a pair of arms wrapped around her tightly. Taehyung had managed to grab her around the waist and roll over taking Anna with him so that he was spooning her. At first, she was panicked, but she felt so safe in his arms that she soon relaxed into his embrace. Anna had never been spooned before, but she began to feel so comfortable that she found herself drifting off.

"Anna?" Hearing her name, Anna opened her eyes to find Jungkook peering down at her. His hair was wet as though he had just had a shower. Anna's mind began to put things together. She had forgotten that she had seen Jungkook entering the room next to Jin's. That paired with the fact that she was staying in what was supposed to be Taehyung's room so he would be bunking with someone, it all made sense. Wait, Jungkook was in the shower! Anna tried not to dwell on that fact. "Why you here?"

"Oh, I was supposed to wake Tae up," she answered.

"Oh, okay." Jungkook grinned at her. "Have fun!"

And with that Jungkook left the room leaving a bewildered Anna still locked in Taehyung's grip. Have fun? Anna wiggled, but his hold on her didn't loosen. All she managed to do was to turn around so that she was facing him instead.

"Tae? Taehyung!" she whispered.

"Hmm," hummed her sleepy soulmate.

Finally, Anna got a response from him, but instead of letting her go Taehyung snuggled closer into her neck.

"Umm, it's time to get up. Wake up." Unfortunately, Anna didn't know any Korean words that would be useful in this situation.

"Nmm," he mumbled into her neck.

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