10. IDOL

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Anna should have expected it would be like this.

BTS were scheduled to spend three more days in the UK before they travelled to France for their next concert. After her conversation with Namjoon, she spent the rest of the day deciding what to do. The next two days were spent preparing for her new life.

Her flat was rented, and none of the furniture was hers. She packed up what she needed for the tour, and whatever else she could fit, into her suitcases. Anything else she wanted to take was put into boxes to be shipped to Korea. The rest was thrown away or donated. When Anna had finished, she thought it was a little sad how easy it was to pack up her life.

If she had thought about her situation a little longer, then she might have decided differently. In hindsight, she could have joined her soulmates after their World Tour, when they were back in Korea. Instead, she had followed them around Europe.

She must have imagined that they would have more time to themselves. However, they never seemed to rest. The boys were always busy, rushing around for rehearsals and meetings. Anna understood that this was what their life was like, but she felt like a spare part in a well-oiled machine.

As she waited to catch them for the few minutes they could spare in between their schedules, she wondered why they had wanted her to join them. Her rational mind told her that things would be better after the tour had finished, but at that moment she had never felt more alone.

Three weeks later and they were in Japan. She guessed one of the perks of this arrangement was that she got to attend all their concerts. This was the eighth concert she was watching from backstage, and although it was interesting to see behind the scenes, tonight Anna didn't feel up to waiting around for her soulmates.

Timidly Anna left the green room she had been waiting in and wandered around backstage to look for someone. She was so relieved when she found a familiar face.

"Bora?" Anna called out, hoping she wouldn't be bothering the staff member.

"Hello, Anna. Are you okay?" she asked in English.

"Yeah, umm, do you know how I get back to the hotel? I just... I want to go to bed."

Seeing the expression on the younger girl's face, Bora grew worried. She had gotten to know Anna over the past few weeks, and she knew what was wrong. Bora had noticed her standing awkwardly in the corner of a room, or eating alone, and if she could, Bora would join her.

"I get someone to drive you back."

"Oh. Are you sure it's not a bother?"

"It's not a problem. We can't have you getting lost."

"That would be great then, thank you. Oh!" Anna got out a phone and a pair of AirPods from her bag. "I found this," she held up the phone and handed it to Bora, "under a chair, and this," she gave the Airpods to her too, "under a cushion. Could you give them to Joon when he realises they're missing, again."

"Of course." Bora smiled gently at her.

"Thank you," Anna whispered.

When she arrived back at the hotel, Anna went to her room, changed into her pyjamas, put on a face mask, and curled up in her bed. It seemed silly, but she ended up watching YouTube videos of BTS. It was weird now that they were her soulmates, but she needed cheering up, and they never failed to make her smile.

"What are you watching?" asked a voice in English. Anna jumped slightly. For a moment she wondered how he had gotten into her room, but then she remembered that Hoseok's room was connected to hers. She looked over her shoulder to find the dancer sitting on the bed behind her. "Face mask!"

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