7. For You

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Anna considered herself lucky that she had managed to get a ticket to one of BTS's concerts. Although she had wanted to go to both, she knew that there were probably many ARMY's who wouldn't get to go. Even so, that didn't stop her from checking every day for a ticket for the second concert to become available.

It had felt like the luckiest day in her life when a week before a ticket went on sale. It was up in the rafters, but Anna had already seen the concert from up-close, so it would be nice to see the full effect. Even if she wasn't keen on heights.

She had already booked a hotel for the night after the first concert, not wanting to have to travel home alone at night, but everything was fully booked for the second night. After her unexpected meeting with a member of BTS, which still felt like a dream, Anna had checked out.

It wasn't often that she came to the city, so Anna wandered around for a while and got something to eat before heading to the concert venue. She wanted to get there earlier today because the day before they had run out of a few items of merchandise that she wanted.

When she arrived, there were already a lot of ARMYs outside. She had heard them cheering as she approached, and as she got closer, she realised why: BTS were having their soundcheck. Anna listened while she looked at the merch on sale.

Soon, they were allowed inside. As Anna waited in line to show her ticket, she noticed a man dressed in black, with a mask and a hat on. She thought it was a little strange, but assumed the man was security until it was her turn.

Handing over her ticket, the staff member called out her seat number, but before she could go through, the man in black tapped the staff member on the shoulder. Anna was asked to follow the staff member and was taken away from the crowd.

Fortunately, it wasn't anything bad. The staff member told her that her ticket had been upgraded and the man in black would show her to her seat. Anna was shocked but also happy that she wouldn't have to sit so high up.

She was led to a cornered-off section where some of the seats had reserved signs on them. Anna noticed that the man in black sat a few rows behind her, and she felt as though she was being watched. Every few minutes she would try to discreetly turn to see if he was still there.

About ten minutes later a young woman walked over, and the man finally left. Anna was surprised when the woman sat next to her.

"Hello," she greeted in Korean.

"Hello," stammered Anna, not used to speaking Korean to anyone.

"Ah, you speak Korean?" The woman asked excitedly.

"A little," she replied in Korean before switching to English. "Only odd words and a few phrases."

"I understand," said the woman in English. "Your accent is very good, for beginner."

"Thank you," replied Anna in Korean.

"Yes, yes," she laughed. "My name is Lee Bora."

"I'm Anna," she continued.

"Nice to meet you," hesitated Bora, unsure if Anna knew the phrase.

"Nice to meet you?" she guessed.

"Very good!" praised the Korean woman and they both laughed. Bora continued speaking in English. "You are excited for concert?"

"Yes! I was here yesterday too," answered Anna. "Are you?"

"Yes, BTS always give great performance." Bora held up the staff lanyard she was wearing. "I see them a lot."

"You're staff?" asked Anna in surprise.

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