6. Lost

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It was early in the morning when Anna heard screaming and what sounded like a stampede outside her hotel room. Curious, she walked to the door and peeked through the eyehole. When she couldn't see anything, she cautiously opened the door and stuck her head out to look around. She was about to close the door and forget about it when a figure came running around the corner.

Anna had to look twice because there was no way that Jungkook of BTS was running down the corridor of the hotel she was staying in. However, without a mask or a hat to cover his face, there was no denying that it was him. Even with his panic-stricken face, he still looked beautiful.

Without even thinking about it, Anna opened her door wide, stepped into the hallway and motioned for the distressed Idol to go into her room. She didn't know what possessed her to invite a virtual stranger into her room, or even more bizarrely why the famous K-pop artist had decided to trust her.

Once he was inside, Anna quickly pulled the door so that he couldn't be seen. She then proceeded to act as if she was in shock at seeing an Idol up close, which wasn't hard. When the storm of crazy fans passed by, she pointed down the corridor and asked, "Was that Jeon Jungkook?!"

Her acting must have been passable as the girls continued running down the hall, none the wiser. Closing the door behind her, Anna took a deep breath before facing the idol currently in her room. He was sitting on the edge of her bed, hunched over. One arm was resting on his leg while his other hand ran through his hair.

Anna took a moment to observe him. After all, she doubted she would ever get the chance to be this close to one of her favourite Idols again. He must have felt her gaze as he looked up in her direction. Suddenly he stood up and bowed slightly.

"Sorry," he said in Korean before realising she might not understand him and trying to repeat himself in English, "Sorry sorry." He bent over and ran his hands over the bed covers where he had been sitting.

Anna inwardly cooed when she realised that he was apologising for sitting on her bed and then had proceeded to smooth out the wrinkles he had left behind. He is so cute, she thought. Seeing the flustered boy, who was, in fact, two years her junior, she decided to step up and use the limited amount of Korean she had managed to teach herself. "Hello. I am Anna."

"Wow! You can speak Korean?" Jungkook exclaimed, looking excited after hearing her attempt to speak his language.

Anna managed to recognise one word from what he said and from that guessed what he was asking. "No," she answered in Korean before switching to English, "I'm afraid that's the limit of my Korean."

"Ah, okay," he hesitated as he thought of what English words he knew. "Your Korean is very good." It was stilted, as he paused in between every word, but Anna could tell how much effort he was putting into saying it correctly.

"Thank you," she replied in Korean, one of the other few words she knew. "Are you okay?"

"Yes," answered Jungkook in English. "I'm fine, thank you."

Anna smiled at what was obviously a practised response. Her eyes wandered around the room as she thought about what to do next. She couldn't just send him out there again, perhaps she had something he could use as a disguise.

Then her eyes landed on the phone.

"Do you want to call the others?" Anna pointed to the phone as she spoke. "Do you know their room number?"

"Phone!" Jungkook patted his pockets. Oh no, the others are going to kill me when they realise, I didn't bring my phone with me, he thought. Biting his lip, he smiled sheepishly and gestured towards the hotel rooms phone.

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