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Anna had been waiting for this day for what felt like forever. Today she was going to her first BTS concert. She was excited, of course, but also a little nervous. After only watching them on a screen for so long, it was a little daunting to think she would be seeing them in the flesh. 

It was easy to remind herself that it was only a fantasy when she only saw the members of BTS on screen, but after seeing them in real life she wasn't sure her heart would be able to take it. What if she couldn't handle it when the evening ends and they said goodbye. Nevertheless, she couldn't miss this chance to see them in person. There might never be another chance.

It was a month before BTS would reach the UK when Anna had received an email from Big Hit. It was a questionnaire they had sent to everyone who had a ticket for one of BTS's concerts. The email had been rather vague on what they would do with the information they gathered from the questionnaires, but it wasn't the first time that they had sent one out. Anna had glanced over the questions, and they'd looked harmless. So, she had answered them.

How did you become a fan of BTS?

The first time Anna remembers seeing BTS on TV was on The Graham Norton show, a year and a half before she became a fan. They weren't on it for very long as they were the musical performance at the end of the show. Perhaps that's why they didn't make an impact on her back then, or maybe it was because Jimin was missing due to injury. It is a common saying among ARMY that you find BTS when you need them. Therefore, it's possible that Anna just didn't need them at that time.

The match that lit the flame to her obsession was James Corden's Carpool Karaoke. Something about them on that show made her need to get to know them. Once she heard Jungkook sing his part from their song ON, Anna knew she needed to hear more of that beautiful voice. The final spark was watching their performance of ON at Grand Central Terminal. She had never seen dancing like that, and she had been an ARMY ever since.

Who is your bias and bias wrecker?

Having a bias was something Anna struggled with. After getting to know all the members of BTS, there honestly wasn't one who particularly stood out to her. Other ARMYs had said that it would become apparent with time, but for Anna, it didn't. So, when asked, she went with the order that she fell in love with them, therefore making Jungkook her bias or Anna would just say that she was OT7.

If you could send a message to the members, what would you say?

This was a difficult question. There were so many things that Anna wanted to say to the most important people in her life. Some things were generic: thank you for what you do, please be happy, and stay strong. You nice, keep going, she thought, chuckling to herself.

While watching as many clips of BTS as she possibly could, there were a few things that stood out to her. First were the videos of them backstage at concerts, which showed the members collapsing between performances. Often, they were barely able to stand, but they wanted to give ARMY a good performance.

Second, were the montages of little mistakes they had made during concerts. They would show the members slipping whilst dancing, purposely changing the choreography to confuse each other, and generally having fun on stage. Watching these videos made Anna smile and laugh.

This made her wish that they wouldn't hurt themselves trying to make a performance perfect for ARMY. BTS would always be perfect in their eyes. In Anna's opinion, any mistakes they made on stage would only be proof that they weren't the untouchable Gods they sometimes seemed like. So, if anything, it would make ARMY love them even more and feel closer to them. 

She couldn't understand why they would think ARMY would want them to hurt themselves like that. Performances for TV shows were different, they were for everyone, but concerts were for ARMY. If there is one thing that ARMY dislikes, it is seeing BTS in pain.

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