6- The REAL match

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Naraku was back for the REAL match with his ugly demons. Raimon was already positioned in the field. Inuyasha was goalkeeper and Sesshomaru was striker again. Coach was explaining the positions. After that, they positioned themselves on the field. When the whistle blew, Raimon did the kickoff by Tenma. Tenma passed it to Kagura but a demon stole it from them. The demon just ran straight towards the goal. He broke through the defense and was in front of the goal. He demon kicked the ball hard. But, luckily Inuyasha stopped it. "Hah, easy." He said. He threw it into the air. Shindou was supposed to get the ball but then, another demon got it. He ran towards the goal again but, Kariya stopped him by using Hunter's net. He passed it to Shindou. Then, he passed it to Tenma. Tenma ran up. He was about to pass it to Tsurugi. But then, Tsurugi said "Pass it to Sesshomaru!" Tenma nodded and he passed it to Sesshomaru who was standing in his position with Ayomi. He kicked the ball harder than the last time. Then, Raimon scored. The goalie threw it to another demon who was dribbling to the opposite goal. He wasn't passing it to anyone. "Eh? Why isn't he passing it to anyone??" Asked Tenma. "I don't know." Kagura replied. The demon broke through the defense easily. Kagura was looking at Naraku. He was smiling evilly. The demon kicked the ball super hard. This time, Inuyasha wasn't able to stop it and the demons scored. "Darn it!" He said angrily. He threw the ball again and Tenma got it.....
After a while of attacking and defending, the first half ended with a score of 1-2. The demons scored 2 points while Raimon only scored 1. Raimon took a break. Aoi, Midori, and Akane gave them water and a towel except for Ayomi, Sesshomaru, and Inuyasha. They didn't need it. They have demon blood. They rested for a while until the first half was over.
The second half starts. The demons did the kickoff. But this time, Tenma stole it. "We will win this match at all costs!" He said as he dodged their defense. "Cool." Kagura said. Amazed. Tenma passed it to Kagura. She dribbled upward and passed to Ayomi. And like Sesshomaru, she kicked it hard. And it went straight into the goal. Now, they are tied with the demons. Ayomi and Sesshomaru were the best strikers even though they just stand in their position and do nothing. The goalkeeper threw the ball and Kagura got the ball. She really wanted to win this match. But, a demon stole the ball again. And she tried to get it.
The match ended and Raimon won with a score of 3-2. "We won, we won!" Ayomi said as she hugged Sesshomaru. And Inuyasha got irritated because of that. "You got lucky." Naraku said as he left with his demons. They won and their souls wasn't taken. Everyone was happy. Especially that the Shikon Jewel is safe. They celebrated their victory. And all was normal again..... 😃

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