Day 14: There's Nothing Better Than A Little Bit Of Adventure

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Does he take care of you,

Or could I easily fill his shoes.


Start Destination: Berlin, Germany

End Destination: Copenhagen, Denmark

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12:26PM (GMT) / 1:36PM (GMT)


We left the hostel three hours ago and yet we are only just over two hours into the journey. I blame Levi insisting that we stopped for lunch. Sure I was hungry, but it would be easier to grab a sandwich than actually have a sit down lunch.

But none the less we stopped and now Rosie is dozing in the back seat, Levi is sat next to her with his earphones already in and Elise and I look at them expectantly before she releases the handbrake, starts the car and suddenly the journey is underway again.

“So I heard that Xavier might be dating Miley Cyrus,” Elise tells me.

“I also heard that Xavier was gay and secretly dating Tyler Oakley,” I reply.

“Really,” El says sounding disappointed, “I was quite looking forward to his parody of wrecking ball.”

“Even if he was dating her there’s no way he’d do that, the other boys would never let him forget it,” I remind her.

Elise nods her head in agreement before sharing other rumours she has heard.

“I also heard that Dexter and James were caught naked in the hotel swimming pool last week.”

“Now that one I can believe,” I admit, “it kind of does seem like something they would do.”

“It’s scary how true that statement is.”

“It’s scary that we’re not even surprised by these stories anymore,” I say, “I really think I’ve changed since I started liking Blakely.”

“It’s the fanficiton,” El jokes.

“See you think that’s funny but it’s true to some point. Some of the stuff I read in fanfictions I would have never read a couple of years ago but nowadays I’m like, hey, it’s got Blakely in it, I’m allowed to read it.”

El thinks this over for a few minutes.

“It’s true,” Elise says, “although did I tell you about this terrible one I read the other day.”

“No. What happened?”

“It was James and Tom getting it on and there may have  been bestiality and necrophilia involved .”

“Please tell me you stopped reading that straight away.”

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