33// Tori

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The car engine stopped, and we heard footsteps, and then after awhile we heard the car engine start again...and nobody came through the door, I didn't see him. And time has passed since then, that I am sure off.

I just don't know how long it's been since then, my head is fuzzy, there's no food, no water, I can't even use a bathroom.

Officer Murphy hasn't said anything else; he just looks as confused as me. His brother was here, why didn't he come in here, he just left, that unsettles me.

"Tori are you still with me?" I heard Murphy's voice say, throwing my tired eyes to him.

"I'm still alive...Murphy if that's what you're asking" I joked sadly.

"Good I need you to stay that way....and call me Miles"

"Why didn't he come down, what is he planning?"

Miles looks at me, a blank stare on his face. Which I don't know how to feel about, will he forever be on his brother's side? He says I can trust him, but realistically I'm not sure if I can.

Will he turn against his own brother to help save me? Or will making sure his brother comes out of this alive by the end be his first priority or not?

I don't know if I can trust him, because psycho or not he is still his blood.....his family.

"I don't know....there could be plenty of reason why he didn't. Especially if the police have figured out, he has you now" Murphy shrugs.

"What if they haven't?" I asked in a hush tone, afraid he can hear us somehow.

Murphy looks at me and shakes his head and sighs.

"Believe me they have....or at least Detective Henderson has by now. You're his girl, your missing....so believe me he is going crazy by now but that's a good thing..."

"Why is that a good thing?" I narrowed my glare at him, but he just smiles a little.

"Because it makes him more determined to find you" He announces.

I hope Derek and Jack have figured it out by now, I hope they can use the tracker in my watch to find me, I just hope they find us before he comes back and starts whatever it is he has plans for me.

"You said your brother ....was obsessed with another girl before me. Will you tell me what happened?" I asked him.

"Our childhood sucked; mom left when we were barely out of dippers. Dad was a mean drunk, growing up we learnt to stay out of his way the best we could. If a beating was coming, I made sure to bare it, I tried to protect my little brother the best I could back then-;" Murphy started his story from beginning.

"When I was eighteen and his was seventeen, child services finally placed us with our grandmother here in River-cove and I believed it would be a fresh start for us after all the crap in our lives, but also a fresh start after what he did...."

"What did he do?" I ask in a whisper; I need to know the story because I need to know how to play him if I need too.

My father always taught me that if you ever need to, in a situation do or say what you have to in order to turn the table and stay alive and that's what I need to do here.

"Back before we moved here,  Marcus struggled in school but one day he was assigned a lab partner for the year in biology, her name was Kennedy Allen she was friendly to him. like she was to everyone else she knew, Marcus was smitten with her, talked about her all the time"

My heart sinks as I listen to his words, this girl just sounds like she was trying to be a nice person and I'm scared by the end of this story, I'm going to be more fearful of what could happen.

"What happened to Kennedy back then?"

"We didn't know he was stalking her, harassing her even. The way he talked about her, it was like they were friends, slowly becoming more. I didn't question it but then one day the police turned up at our house"

He talked. I listened to every moment of Marcus's background.

"It turns out that she got so scared of his behaviour towards her, that she told her parents, and they filled a report with the police, he was told to stay away from her. At the time we thought he did but we were wrong, and people got hurt"

"How hurt? Like people died?"

"No....one night a few months after the police showed up. Marcus left the house, he went to Kennedy's which I didn't know, but due to him still stalking her, he knew her parents weren't home that night, so he broke in with a knife. Apparently, he just wanted to talk to her, what he didn't know is that her boyfriend was with her"

"He hurt one of them, didn't he?" Murphy nods his head.

"When he saw him there, he lost it. Became unstable in a way. And I don't know much of what happened that night, but in the chaos, he did stab the boyfriend....before Kennedy knocked my brother out and called the cops"

"What happened to your brother?" I asked, there's no way he got away with his crime even if he was a minor at the time.

"Instead of juvie he was declared mentally unstable and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital under supervision for six months then once he was out, social services were involved and we were sent to River-Cove" He replied.

"Cleary the psychiatric hospital  didn't help" I barked out without thinking, shaking head sadly.

"Sorry..." I added for my choice of words and remark.

"No your right it didn't, he played us. He acted like he learnt from his actions, that the stay at the hospital helped clear his head, and maybe it did until a new obsession came along....this time it was you, the only thing that is different this time, is you leaving that summer, he couldn't get to you"

"And that's where the missing girls came in, he needed to control the obsession anyway he could" I whispered, piecing it all together.

"Yes. He wanted you but couldn't find you. So he went after those who look similar to you, every year the tigger is the date you left, to him, to his mind that's when you left him" Murphy answered.

"Do you think he killed them?....the other girls"

"I do Tori....a long time ago I would have argued that my brother wasn't capable of murder but now, I'm sure of it" he said without any hesitation.

Looking at murphy, taking in everything he just said, getting ready to respond.

Just as the door opens, revealing a man similar to Murphy, we both turn our eyes to him, watching as he waves around a gun and smirks at officer Murphy, like this is a fun game that amuses him.

"Telling stories about me...brother "

He took a few steps into the room, still smirking, still chuckling.

In that one moment my eyes locked with soulless dark eyes, just staring right at me like I'm a prize, he finally has in his hands.

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