Chapter 1

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Junkyu POV

I sat down on my leather chair, elbow supporting my head, leaning forward the bright square screen. Muffled heavy rain and lightning sound from outside the building became the background noise.

It was eleven at night, the last staff had left the office an hour ago while I'm still juggling between endless work and my master degree assignments.

Sitting behind the screen, the only person who can make my hectic day less stressful and more bearable. His smile always brighten my day although he wasn't physically on my side. Separated by the sea, the only way for us to see each other faces was through video call.

I always believe distance won't affect our relationship, neither the limited amount of free time that I have. Everything was fine and will be fine.

Until today..

"I can't do this anymore.." Said Haruto. I looked up to the laptop screen, my brain not yet able to digest the meaning behind his words.

Everything will be fine.. I will be fine..

"..Let's break up." He continued.

His deep voice penetrating every cells of my being, sending huge amount of pain to my chest. Three words is enough to shake my whole world, broke down every pillars that hold my life in place.

The next second I found myself standing under the heavy rain outside my office building, questioning the purpose for me to keep living. I dragged my feet to the edge of the road, I can't tell whether it's rain or my tears that drenched my clothes, everything just felt heavy. My eyes and head too blurry to stop myself from walking passed the road barrier.

I kept walking until I heard long car horn. I stopped in the middle of the road and look at the source of loud noise. In the midst of lightning strike, I saw two bright lights coming towards me. They moved fast, fast enough to blind my eyes in an instance. I stood in nothing but bright white space that soon changed to absolute darkness.

Everything will be fine.. I will be fine..

I gasped as my body jolted on my bed. My heart beating so fast, and I'm drenched in sweats. I reached for my medicine container inside the drawer next to my bed. I dropped two white pills on my palm, shoved them to my mouth and gulped them down with a glass of water that I put on top of the nightstand before I went to bed.

That dream again. It has been three years since that incident, yet the memory of it still came to my dream every now and then. I looked at the clock on the wall, its four in the morning. I pushed myself off from the bed.

My room was a mess of open luggage and scattered clothes, that I haven't tidy up since I came back to Japan last night after I fulfilled my military service in Korea. 

I dragged my feet to my study room. It was too early to start my day and too late to go back to sleep so I decided to start working. I supposed to come back to work next week but I refused to do so. I prefer to make myself busy catching up with work that I've been missed out for the past two years.

I broke up with Haruto a year after I move to Japan. I was given a managerial position at my dad's Record Label during the first six months of arrival in Japan, until I get the gist with how the company works before dad appointed me as a CEO. At the same time, I took dual master degree in Business.

Guess who suggested me to do all that? Yep, the same guy who advice me to take business course before I graduated from K-ARTs. The I-know-it-all ex-boyfriend.

The first three months after I broke up with Haruto was the hardest period for me. I seek help immediately as I was aware I might fell to another depression like I had in undergrad.

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