Chapter | 23

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Warning: You're not gonna like this chapter. Hehe lets see you romanticize this

Reminder that Ryuji's mom first named him Oreo to spite and make fun of his Dad

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Reminder that Ryuji's mom first named him Oreo to spite and make fun of his Dad.
Credits to Ig: im_seacow

Location ????

"Mahiro. We blindfolded Shen so he couldn't see where we're going. Not for your sick fantasies."

The boy was whimpering in the back seat as his hands are bound only by Mahiro's pale hand, sitting on the man's lap as Kelvin keeps his mouth occupied with a push pop. He was indeed blindfolded but the two are taking advantage of the circumstance.

"But he's not complaining, the kinky baby likes it," Kelvin says, pushing the push pop against Shen's mouth. If he ever tried to pull away, he ends up leaning against Mahiro with nowhere to hide.

"Ad... an.... help....! Sto- help, they.... bu... bully... me...!" Shen moans out, because it's hard to speak when Mahiro is pulling him against his clothed boner and Kelvin is replacing the push pop with his tongue.

The man on the wheel sighs, having regrets on putting Shen in the back when he should be in the front. But, upon looking at the rearview mirror, Shen seemed to be enjoying himself kissing Kelvin while being groped by Mahiro. He's also moving his lips against the darker skinned male.

"We're here," he sighs, stopping the car in front of an isolated house after almost an hour of travelling seaside roads and tall mahogany trees. "In order to avoid you two bullying him, I'll take Shen inside and you unload our stuff."

"We don't bully him, it's called kinky foreplay," one of them says.

They didn't complain and Kelvin promised to continue their kisses later by giving Shen his push pop. As they go out to gather the stuff, Adan goes to the backseat and carry Shen out of the car to avoid any tripping.

"Hey, no! I'm heavy..." Shen protests, but then remembers Adan can't understand his language. "Uhm... I am like big rock?"

"What?" Adan slightly scoffs at his failed attempt to English. He walks to the house after Mahiro opened the gate, still carrying an insecure Shen. "Hmm, you're such a good boy keeping your blindfold on even after we arrived."

Good boy... Shen didn't understand the rest but he bites the push pop at those two words. If he was was a dog, his ears would be perking and tail wagging, but unfortunately he's a Lion.

"Here," Adan removes the blindfold before they get in, and Shen gasps at the difference in environment. The previous house's surroundings were like wet rainforests and pine trees, but here there was bright sunlight around and the garden is beautiful. "I picked a house with a large space so you won't feel too trapped. Of course, Kelvin paid for it all."

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