Officially His Luna

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Leoni's POV
Driving back to the packhouse I twiddled with my hair nervously. It would be the first time I would see Logan's family and pack members officially as their Luna-to-be... they all knew we were now fully mated which...I knew it was silly but still...  it made me flush to think about. We were all wolves, we all would hopefully meet our mates at some point and it was a completely natural, ordained by the Moon Goddess Thing... but I was still irrationally mortified at the thought of the pack imagining their Alpha taking my virginity and marking me.

"Are you okay my little love?" Logan asked me. I'd had my mental block up as I was embarrassed to be feeling nervous about seeing his parents and pack.

"Yea... honey... I'm fine. I'm just embarrassed that... th-that everyone knows that we..." I tried to enunciate my thoughts and failed miserably.

I let down my mental barrier so my feelings flooded to Logan over the bond and he stopped the car abruptly. Without hesitation he leant across the car and kissed me full on the mouth, a kiss filled with passion and caring. A kiss to make any she-wolf swoon.

When he broke away he looked into my eyes with such warmth and love, "Leoni, my sweet Luna... I don't care that everyone knows we mated. Well, to be honest I'm massively proud of the fact but I don't think anyone will be overly thinking about it. Everyone is just so thrilled that you are here. They love you and are overjoyed that you have accepted their Alpha, with all his faults..." he grinned cheekily at me, "And most don't even know that you are a white wolf yet - they will hit the Roof with excitement! I am so proud that you are Mine. My Mate. My Luna. My Light. The Love of my Life. My Fiancé... and the future mother of my seven or eight pups..."

At the last bit we both burst out laughing and I felt so much better. When we arrived we walked into the Packhouse with our arms around each other and there was an almighty cheer that went up from the huge crowd of wolves waiting to greet us. I felt a warm sense of acceptance flow across the pack link, as I looked around their auras all hummed with happiness and their faces shone with unbridled joy. I couldn't help but beam back at everyone.

Bryson and Fern, Logan's parents, came forward immediately to embrace us both, hugging me tightly. Before a moment had elapsed Sophia was there too, joining in the hug and exclaiming, "I have a Sister!!!"

My heart felt light. Mel came to embrace me, Carly jumped on me with excitement, Adele and Austin told me how thrilled they were that their Alpha had finally found his mate whilst their kids ran around happily - I even got a little cuddle with Atticus before heading upstairs to Logan's parents' apartment for dinner.

Logan and I barely parted our touch from one another all evening. His parents were overjoyed that we would be getting married and suggested that we combine the Wedding and Luna Ceremony into one big celebration - the idea seemed perfect. Logan held my hand tightly in his throughout dinner and afterwards when we sat down to watch a movie with Sophia, he got a blanket to put over us and we snuggled.

Midway through the film I giggled as Sophia was fast asleep on the other sofa and had started snoring, "Logan... I think we wore her out with all the excitement over Weddings and Luna ceremonies..." I whispered.

He glanced over and chuckled, "You know I was already fourteen when she was born? She used to fall asleep in my arms as a baby and toddler while I watched movies... she's a great girl. I'm so happy that you two love each other so much already, my little Leoni..." He nuzzled into my hair as he whispered and it sent pleasurable shivers down my back.

We continued watching the movie but I became aware of Logan's hand moving gently up and down my bare thigh under the blanket. The sparks were fizzing lightly on my skin with every little touch. I coyly looked at him, he was smiling softly but he didn't return my gaze. I looked back to the movie... his hand got higher and I let out a tiny gasp as I felt his fingertips brush on the cotton of my panties...

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