End of that Chapter

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Months later....

Maya Amour "Queen BITCH!" ,

I woke up and grabbed my grand baby damn I feel so old now. Oh my god! Can't believe I'm a grandmother. Wow! Y'all I'm so old 😞

"Hey mama" April and Autumn said coming in the room

"Hey, April can you feel the babies tub up with warm water and her baby wash?" I asked her

"Sure" she said going in the room

The puppy ran over and brushed against my foot

I smiled, "What you doing King?"

He barked

Autumn picked him up and Amouria started crying, I got her out her close and went to the bathroom laying her in the tub and bathing her.

"Autumn, where's your father?"

"He went to the store to get the puppy some more food"


"In here Maliyah."

She walked in and hugged me, I hugged her back and handed her the baby. She put her in the carrier

"Alright, I'll see y'all later. Thanks mum."

"You welcome, sweetheart."

[August comes in with bags and MJ]

"You leaving so soon."

"Yeah, Ernesto's back so -"

"No need to explain." I said

She smiled and hugged august leaving

"Mama! Mama! I got something for you." MJ said running to me

I picked gun up, "You always got some for mama! That's why you my baby. And, I love you so much, Melly."

"I love you too, Mama. "

[Autumn and April come downstairs]

"Mama, Can we go out with the girls?" Autumn asked

"Yeah as long as April isn't having you to lie for her so she can go and get another tattoo. Than yes, you can go." I said looking directly at April

"Actually, I wasn't thinking about getting another tattoo, just yet" she said

"You girls can go but be home at 10."


Both of them came and hugged me and August and left, I sat MJ down and sat on August lap

"What we gone do about these kids, August?"

He laughed, "What you looking at me fo?"

"Why? Cause you they father. Especially, Autumn's."

He chuckled, "Ion know but they growin' up to fast."

"I'm telling you."

"You sure you ready for another?"

"Nope, I changed my minds so you better be strapping down yonder."

He laughed and kissed me

"What you got mama MJ?" I asked looking over at MJ

"You have to wait to see it, not til your birthday."

"Damn that's right, my birthday is coming up!"

"Yeah speaking of your birthday, what you want to do baby?"

"As long as I have you and the kids, that's the best gift ever, the best party." I said playing with his chin hair and kissing him

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