Beacon Road..

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(  DRAFTT....YET TO BE PROOF READ AND GRAMMAR CHECKED, THERE WILL BE LOTS OF MISTAKES, LOTS!!, any criticism apart from the poor spelling and punctuation will be awsome thanks :))

Beacon Road 

 By Matt Coyle

There is said to be a sound, a sound perhaps. more menacing and terrifying than the very voice of Lucifer. This sound they say, had lay dormant for decades, though its echo lives on, ringing in the ears and minds of all who heed it. Of the towns people who heard it, none shall ever speak of it. And of those fools who dare utter it, none shall have ever truly listened. For the sound was only ever just its sound, the disembodied language of evil. But of what the sound came from, none shall ever see. and of those poor souls who gazed upon it, they shall never return. Their eyes seeing their last sight, destined to perish. For nowone is ever truly ready, for what lives in the hills...

Chapter 1

"Honkkkkk", the noise sounded from a distance as a boy looked up. he waited a few seconds sure he had imagined it

"honkkkkk" the same noise pierced the air as a grin broke his face. he had been waiting for this for months. counting as the days slowly ticked by bringing him closer to the time he would be able to leave his home, his grief stricken mother and sister but most of all leave part of himself.. for 5 glorious days.

"HONKKKKK" the loudest and most drawn out one yet, this was not as welcome, his grin faltered "calm down boys" he said under his breath. he finally got up leaving the desk he had been sitting for the last 45 minutes in contemplation.

a photo album lay open on the desk, the picture in view was of two men, one nearing adulthood

the other seemed had been there for a while, they were both laughing at a joke long forgotten, their smiles however remained, captured in time as a reminder of moments passed. and recent moments at that, this photo could not have been more than a year old

the text accompanying the photo read. "Tommas and david Mason November 4th 2009" the young man in the photo was a mirror image of the young man now pacing around his room.

tommas had seen this photo a million times and could practically remember ever detail from the shirt he was wearing, to how many leaves that lay on the grass around their feet. yet as he found the book amongst the various things he pulled out of his wardrobe

in search for something useful on his trip, his eyes clung to it as if the life of the world depended on it. Tomas stoped pacing and turned to his door, sounds seemed to be growing

louder behind it, he quickly rushed to his desk and threw the book out of sight. he then brushed the moisture away from his eyes.he wheeled around just in time to see the  The door swing open reveling a large young man of about 18.

"what the fuck is taking you so long?" This was ben. Ben was for lack of a better word, the joker, He was the captain of his lacrosse team and the center of attention. tall, broad

he had all the traits of a captain but not so much the attitude of one. he always has to have the last laugh, and though he looked big and tough on the outside, he was really just a play full little kid.

"i was just grabbing some last minute things" tom replied, his eyes glancing to

the spot near the end of his bed where his album layed hidden by the draping sheets.

"well hurry up were all waiting" said ben. tom walked to the door where his bag sat, as if it had

been waiting. in reality it had seeing as tomas had begun and finished packing days before and left it in plain site ready to leave at anytime. tom picked up his bag which was moderately heavy

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