Chapter 3 It Had Gone Too Fare

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I was at school and the boy that I like came up to me and said "Hi I'm James, what's your name" I said " My name is Holly" "Hi nice to meet you.... Holly" "Nice to meet you" "So what class are you going to" I said "History, it's my favorite class" " Really me too, I like learning about what happened back then" "Same" "Why don't you walk with me to History class" and of course I said " Um... sure" but really in my head I was doing the happy snoopy dance. It was going really good when he asked me "What's with all the marks in you" and I think you know the answer. I told him the answer but he didn't believe me so he said "Are you being child abused" and I starting crying and he said "OH MY GOSH I GOT TO CALL THE COPS" and I said "NO!!!!!!" My mom came flying out the door and grabbed me and hide from the police and James.

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