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It was only the next day that Natalie had to let Amber go. She had to let her go and there was nothing more for her to do. "Did you get everything?" Natalie asked her daughter as she carried her stuff down the stairs. 

Amber followed her downstairs. She looked like a ghost. She hadn't slept all night, she hadn't eaten anything. "No." She shook her head as she stood in front of her in the entrance. Isaac was already there waiting for her. "I don't even want to go. I am not taking anything more than some clothes. I will come back."

"It's fine, I'll get you new clothes, new stuff, anything you want." Isaac spoke, earning a glare from both Natalie and Amber.

"I don't want anything from you." Amber snapped at him. "Let me stay with mom, please." She looked at her father, hoping that the loving man she remembered when she was little was still there. 

"The court decided being with me was the best for you Amber." He reminded her, like she even cared what the court said. She was the only one who knew everything that Natalie had done for her.

"Yes, because I am an awful mother, obviously. And it had nothing to do with your father and his connections." Natalie said, the sarcasm so obvious. "Who are you anyway?" She asked him, not recognising anything in him.

"I am her father." Isaac told Natalie who let out a scoff. 

"You are nothing to me." Amber yelled at him again. "Mom, please, don't make me go." She pleaded her as she started crying. And Natalie had been trying to stay strong the whole day. But that plead along with Amber's tears were something that she couldn't shake out of her system.


"No, I hate both of you so much." Amber cried and rushed out of the house without a second glance, without a goodbye hug to her mom. Because she couldn't say goodbye to her. It was impossible.

"Amber." Natalie tried to stop her but she had already locked herself in the car and put her earphones in, blocking the whole world. "There's a part of me that hopes you haven't realised what you've done because then you're worse than I thought."

"I gave you a choice." Isaac walked closer to her. His hand gestures getting more and more as he continued speaking. "We could be home right now, together, the three of us. We could have worked everything out. But you wanted your happy little life here. But I am not letting my daughter be part of this. We are going to be happy just the two of us and you can stay here all alone for all I care."

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