Chapter 7

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"Sebastian's Mother?"Ciel said eyeing you strangely."No,master this is Y/N Michaelis."Your father said looking down at you."Dad!You weren't supposed to tell him."You said stomping your foot and accidentally made a hole in the floor."Oops?"You said giving a cheesy smile while shrugging your shoulders."Y/N."Your father said sternly."Hey I said I'm sorry!"You yelled back."Sebastian please tend to breakfast I'll take care of this."Ciel said looking at you with a devious smile.'What the hell is he thinking!!'You thought shivering."Yes young master."Your father said as he disappeared quickly."Dad wait!"You said."Y/N..."Ciel said walking up to you."You've been very bad should I spear you or punish you?"Ciel asked as he pinned you to a wall."Ngh,Uhh you should let me go?"You said trying to get out of his hold.You didn't want to hurt Ciel for two reasons,your father would kill you and you love him."You broke a hole in the floor which is also the ceiling for the first floor."He said smiling."C-Ciel."You said softly.You've never seen him act this way before and it was quite petrifying.Ciel soon kissed you and your eyes widened.'What...what's happening!"You thought as you felt a hand rub up your thigh making you stiffen.Ciel soon pulled away and cupped your left cheek."Y/N.....I love you and I have felt this way for a while....please stay forever."Ciel said as he kissed you again."C-Ciel I......I will but my father...he will forbid our relationship."You said smiling."Hmm,now I have some business to discuss with my father."You said walking to the door and opening then stopped."Oh I'll send Tanaka to help you."You said walking out and closing the door."Hmm...."You said running to the kitchen with your demon saw your dad then went up to him and hugged him from behind."Daddy how much do you love me?"You said.He lat out a sigh and peeled your hands from around his waist."What do you want Y/N?"He said sighing."What...I don't want anything."You said scratching the back of your head.
"Yes you do because you said 'how much do you love me' so what do you want?"
"Fine,can I have a master?"You said smiling.
"No."He said chopping onions.
"Please I can handle the job."
"Oh you mean like the time you said you could handle taking care of the fire-breathing dragon."
"I know I know you and mother grounded me 20 years because I didn't feed it for 300 years and gave it a bath."You said giving up."'ll regret this Sebastian."You said."Sebastian?Its father I'll ground you for 500 years!"He shot back."Okay..I made a friend there so.."You said leaving the kitchen.

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