Winter Dancer

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Winter dancer 

Spinning round and round 

Oh, look how graceful she is 

Snowflakes crash into her raven hair 

And melts in her glow 

As it drips down her pale skin 

Yes, she is gorgeous 

But behind those eyes lies a secret 

A burden that is buried in her heart 

Looking closer you can see the scars 

The bruises 

And the tears in her eyes 

You see, she was abused 

Abused by people she thought loved her 

But in reality she was never really loved 

The only thing that kept her alive was dancing 

It was the only joy she had in her life 

Her true passion 

Each year she dances in the snow 

By the now frozen lake 

As everyone comes by just to see her 

Tough she can never mend the broken pieces 

At least this way she can do what she loves 

And make other people smile 

Winter dancer 

Skating on the ice 

Never stop being who you are 

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