Ch. 70

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Harmony's p.o.v|

We have landed in Paris. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Well, rather than Luke...

"It's amazing!"

"Yeah it is," Luke said.

I look up at him, to see him looking down at me. A blush crept up on my face.

"Umm you aren't even looking," I tell him.

"I know," he replied.

We grab our bags and go into the hotel. Some fans were waiting for Luke at the door.

"Hi girls," I say to them.

"Hi Harmony." They all smile politely at me.

"You go and meet them. I'll bring the bags up to the room." I tell Luke.

"You sure?" He asked.

"Go on, Luke."

He walks over to the fans and greets them. I walk into the hotel lobby and get the room key. I go in the elevator and go up to our floor. I walk out and go down the long hallway. I find our room and unlock the door. I walk in and smile to myself. It was amazing.
The room was all opened. The windows showing the amazing view of the city. My favorite part was that it has a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower.

I hear the a knock on the door and I open it. I see Luke standing there. I let him inside.

"Hello beautiful."

"Hello handsome."

He picks me up by my thighs. He carries me to the bedroom.

"Luke," I giggled.

He throws me back on the bed. The bed had rose petals all over him. He places kisses down my neck. I moan softly in response to him. He smiles now completely satisfied. He sucks on the skin of my neck softly. I wrap my legs around his torso. I push him up and straddle him. I start unbuttoning his shirt quickly. I pull it off him, throwing it on the floor. We take off the rest of our clothes. We throw the articles of clothing all on the floor. We were both completely bare.

He kisses me again, pushing me down back on the bed. I kiss him back. I loved the feeling of his soft lips on mine.

"I love you," he said.

"I love you so much."

He pushes into me. He starts rocking his body. The bed was making a creaking sound, caused by his movements. I gasp slightly at his sudden quickened pace. I run my fingers down his back. My legs wrapped tightly around him.


I cuddle into Luke's side, wrapping my arms around his body. I place a small kiss on his chest. Luke grabs me and flips us over, so he was on top of me. He places kisses down my jawline, then down along my neck. He moves down and kisses down my chest to my stomach. I giggle at the ticklish feeling.
I grab his neck and make him come back up. I lean up and kiss him.

"I love you baby."

"Hmmm," he hums against my lips.

"I love you more."

He snugs his face into my neck. I laugh at him.

"No, I love you more."

"Don't start with me, Harmony."

I laughed.

"But I do baby."

He pouts at me in reply. He just leans in and kisses me again. I kiss him back quickly.

"We should probably get up."

I pull away from him. I get out of bed and grab my clothes off the floor. I put on my underwear and bra. Then I put on my shirt and pants. I look over at, Luke. He was frowning, looking very disappointed.

"Suck it up, Luke!" I laughed.

"Shut up," he frowns again.

He gets out of bed. He puts his clothes back on. I go over and kiss him sweetly.
This has been the best honeymoon ever so far. It barely even has begun yet.

"I'm gonna go eat something. Do you want me to make you something?" I ask him.

"No," he said.

I go into the other room, leaving him in the bedroom. I go over to the kitchen and start cooking. I then sit down at the table and start eating.

"Harmony!" I hear Luke call my name.

I get up from my seat and walk down the hallway. I walk into the bedroom. I go into the bathroom. I see Luke running a bath. There was candles lighted all along the side of the bathtub. He always knew just what I needed.

"What's this?"

"Just a little surprise," he replied.

He gets in the tub filled with water and bubbles.

"Come in," he said.

I get in the tub with him. I sit down in between his legs. My back was against his chest. He kisses my shoulder sweetly. His hands find his way to my thighs. He rubs them softly up and down. I find myself getting up and facing him the other way. I straddle my handsome husband.

"I like this position," he smirked.

"I'm sure you do," I smiled.

"I love this," he said.

"Love what?"

"Just everything really. I love you and I love this." He explains to me briefly.

"It nice to just relax for awhile," I reply.

He nods his head in agreement.

"I feel bad about leaving the baby back home."

"I do too. But it's our honeymoon and we needed some alone time." Luke tries to reassure me.

"I know."

"You're always watching, Layla, like a hawk," he tells me.

"It's my job as her mother."

"You're the best mother ever to our baby, Harmony. Don't you forget that."

"You're the best father ever to, Layla."

I turn around and lean back into Luke. I take in the smell of the scented candles. I was now completely relaxed. I felt Luke's hands on my shoulders. He starts rubbing them softly. He applies a little pressure and I sigh in relief.

"Thank you."

"Don't mention it babe," he replies.

(I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Next chapter will be a bit more of Luke and Harmony exploring the city of Paris. I can't wait to continue and share more of this Fanfiction with you all! I love you guys. xx)

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