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07 - dating

jiwoo and heejin had made pretty quick convo shortly after that, staring into each others eyes, holding hands from across the table; and the only reason sooyoung hadn't cared a bit ? she was too focused on you. 

" sooo, you and heejin ? " she asked, looking a bit bashful, focusing her gaze elsewhere.

" mm, what about 'us' ? " you giggled, admiring the girls face, all of her features were so perfect.

" you two are uh--dating ? " sooyoung stuttered, a small blush creeping onto her cheeks.

" yes ? why'd you need to know, sooyoungie ? " 

the nickname made her eyes light up, your answer however, disheartening her. why was she feeling like this about her girlfriends ex's girlfriend. god she was an idiot.

" i see. " she muttered, moving her eyes away from you, focused mainly heejin and jiwoo's hands, a small grimace appearing on her face before redirecting to you. leaning eagerly in her seat gripping your hands tight. you could see the stars in her eyes, she looked so gorgeous.

" tell me more about you ! i only know that your, dating, " her voice turning more grim mid sentance, " the jeon ! i wanna know about you, y/n. " she grinned, holding your hands a bit tighter.

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