Part 19: Challenge Accepted

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Enjoy the chapter!

Preston's POV
October 24th, Wednesay - 12:50 PM

Imagine finding the president of the drama club, just imagine. From what Annabeth told us, a guy with brown-black hair and blue-gray eyes. To be clear, almost no guy matches the description.

"How about we just get our asses to the club, knock and politely enter?" Carson asks, obviously annoyed that I kept dragging him and the girls to scout out for the guy. "Kat, just text the others to come to the club room."

"Sure thing." Katherine says, bored out of her mind. She only managed to talk to a guy who got rejected from joining the drama club. The dude seemed okay, so I seriously hope the president won't be some snob. "We're here anyway, dunno if you noticed."

"You're kid- yeah she's not kidding." Ellen says with a sigh. I turn around and there it is. The poster of the drama club.

"Ellen, I might need to borrow your glasses next time."

"No shit sherlock." Carson says with a laugh. "We probably passed through here twice, yet how is Katherine the only one who knew and didn't say anything?"

"I'm a psychic." Katherine says in a joking tone, Carson simply facepalms. "Kill me now."

"Kat, how far are they?"

"Third floor, yet Annabeth has the high and mighty speed boosting ability." Katherine's irritation, for the first time, shows visibly on her face. First of all, we had to clean up a locker full of spiders, of which one has claws. Second of all, Yvonne and her dogs will pay.

First thing I learned in my hometown is that if someone starts shit, you fuck them up. But this time it's a different type of war. Fuck all that elementary school bullshit, those kids don't think first. In 2020 sadly, teens think first, then begin torturing others around them.

Such a shame that Ellen, Leah and Bennett simply endure other's bullshit. Katherine put on her badass pants, yet still doesn't have much confidence that she'll be able to beat most people who challenge her to her limits.

"Did someone die here?"

Brittany's voice apparently breaks the four of us out of our thoughts.

"Finally... what took you so long?" Carson asks, crossing his arms. The question, I think, was aimed at Annabeth, who appears to be on a... sugar high...? "Are you high on sugar?"

"No, I'm drunk on it." She says sarcastically.

"Come on kids." Leah says, placing her hand on the doorhandle of the clubroom. "Yvonne needs to understand the phrase 'game over.'"

She opens the door, simply walking in without looking back us. What in the fu-

"Baby sis!" I hear a male voice basically yell. All of us peek inside and of course, Leah is hugging who I presume is her brother. "What's the occasion?"

"Oh, nothing much, just Yvonne Farter asking for war." Leah says, her brother chuckles. By this point I enter the room with the others right behind me.

"Oh- OOOOOH!" The guy's expression is priceless. "Leah, you're equal in terms of members I would say- an eight versus eight."

"What if we make it a nine, or maybe a ten?" I ask, looking at the other girls who are in the room. Oh... so this is why people think so low of this club president. There are no other guys besides himself in this club, only four girls.

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