The Mother's Return

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Jake's POV-

I place her down gently on the bed, the mattress dipping as her sleeping form takes shape. I'd carried her the whole way home, questioning how I'd ever let it get this far. I sigh and reach for a blanket at the foot of my bed before draping it over her. Her eyes are closed peacefully, mouth parted. I run a hand over my face as I watch her for a few moments —

I need to tell her the truth before it's too late.

My reputation and past mistakes would soon catch up to me and ruin what we both have if I don't tell her the truth. I know I'm hurting her, confusing her further and causing her pain she doesn't deserve. I don't understand why I find it so difficult to simply voice my feelings for her.

Ask me to kill someone? Easy peasy.

Raid a business and steal everything? Done as quick as a flash.

Tell Emily Wentworth I'm falling for her? Almost virtually impossible.

"What the hell is wrong with me?" I mutter, taking a seat at the end of the bed. I'm careful not to move too fast so I don't wake her, she needs rest. I pull my phone out of my pocket, scrolling down to find Ivory's contact. My fingers tap against the screen as I write out a text message —

Is everything okay at the party?

I send it and drop my phone to the bed before lying backwards. I run a hand through my hair, feeling my body grow heavy and my eyes flutter shut. It's been a long damn night. I glance to my right, my eyes landing on Emily who hasn't moved an inch since I placed her on the bed. The urge to lie next to her, wrap my arms around her and pull her close to me causes my arms to twitch but I decide against it. Moments pass and I feel myself drift off into a sleep, my body beginning to relax . . .

The sound of the front door banging downstairs pulls me out of my sleepy state and I bolt out of bed, on high alert. My eyes widen and I freeze on the spot, wondering whether I'd made up the noise entirely. I hear a shuffle, noises drifting up the stairs.

Ivory and Tobias are out.

So who the hell is that?

I quietly walk over to my wardrobe, prying the door open and reaching for the metal baseball bat I keep inside. My hands wrap around the handle and I pull it out, heart rate increasing inside my chest. I'm fully awake at this point, straining to hear any other noises to indicate who the hell is inside the house.

I begin to make my way out of the bedroom, creeping against the wooden floorboards. As I tip toe down the stairs, I hear faint whispers coming from the kitchen. The door is ajar slightly and I tighten my grip on the bat, ready to break bones if I have to. When I push open the kitchen door, I raise the bat above my head, my eyes wide.

"JAKE!? Are you crazy?!"

Two high pitched screams fill the silence and I drop the bat to the floor, the metal clanging against it loudly. It bounces a few times before rolling to the side. A low groan escapes my mouth as my eyes land on my mother and Aunt. I instantly drop my murderer act and wince, giving them both an apologetic look. Mum is clutching her heart and Auntie Myra is staring at me in shock, her mouth wide open.

"Shit. I am so sorry."

I make my way towards Mum, my arms outstretched as I prepare to embrace her. She releases the breath she's holding, looking like she's seconds away from calling the police on her own son. Eventually she smiles, wrapping her arms around me. Her scent floats through the air and I realise I've missed it.

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