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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 7

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I sighed and let my eyes closed. I shifted to lay on my other side but two arms held me against a warm chest. I recognized this warmth. My eyes shot open and I started with shock at the sleeping white haired boy in front of me.

I swallowed and bit my lip. How did he get here or better how did I get here?

I tried to pull away but his arms tightened around my waist. I picked up his wrist and tried to peel it off of me. But when I was finally free his arms circled around my waist. He shifted and pulled me on top of him. I blushed bright red when I caught myself loving his touch and started to relax on his chest.

Just when I thought I could use some more sleep and actually lay good, he moved again. My face was probably looking like a tomato now. We were laying in a very awkward position.

He was laying on top of me, between my legs. My eyes were wide even when he snuggled his face in my neck. Common Jack! Wake up!

‘NO DON’T WAKE UP!’ My mind screamed. Yeah, keep sleeping until you move again and I can run for my life.

Then the door opened and I closed my eyes. Please let it not be bu-

“Crikey!” He said and closed the door faster than you could say kangaroo. Jack moaned and moved his head. Now his head lay under my collarbone. Suddenly his hair took my attention. I ran my hand through it and saw Jack smiling in his sleep. A soft smile spread across my face, feeling less alone.

He moved his head again, placing it just below my neck murmuring my name. I blushed and bit my lip. He was so sweet to me. I sighed when I remembered the awkward position. I stroke his back, pursing my lips to prevent from laughing when Jack started to purr.

 A giggle escaped my mouth but didn’t wake him up. He yawned and wrapped his arms tightly around me. I groaned, I’m never going to escape without waking him up.

Well, I’ll give it a try.

I pushed one of my legs under his and softly kicked him aside…off the bed. He landed with a loud ‘thump’ on the ground. I closed my eyes but opened the again when I rushed out of the room. Not really I just lay there on the bed, eyes closed waiting for the rejection.

“Why did you push me off?” I heard him say, lightly annoyed but he was too sleepy to be angry. He crawled back on the bed and I gasped when he began to snuggle his head in my neck again.

“What are you doing?” I squeaked, my eyes wide with terror. I heard him chuckle and his cold breath stroke the side of my neck.

“I’m cuddling with my snow angel.” He yawned and pulled me closer. I was wonderstruck, no enchanted. I frowned when I had the idea he was probably not even fully awake yet. I sigh when he falls back asleep.

Absentmindedly I was playing with his hair, twirling it between my fingers. Thinking about random stuff.

When Jack was in a deep sleep again, I peeled his arms off of me and left the room. I was so caught up in my thoughts that I almost stepped on an elf.

I walked out the workshop in the cold, my wings slightly screaming to go back inside but my skin screamed to stay here in the cold.

The feeling that Jack gave me was so overwhelming that I had to cool down. Cooler then I already am. What was this feeling actually. I knew only one person could answer this question to me but I don’t know if I should go. Him and I weren’t the best friends through my 200 years. I would ruin his hunts and he would ruin my fun by turning it into…love.

No way! He couldn’t have…he wouldn’t…but he did, huh? He shot Jack first and then in the forest that day…he shot me.


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